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Buy-Back scheme

Perth and Kinross Council is currently seeking more properties to purchase through the 'Buy-Back' scheme. Ex-council owned houses, bungalows and ground-floor properties are of particular interest.

The Council is committed to meeting the acute shortage of affordable housing across Perth and Kinross and addressing the mismatch between the demand and supply of council housing available.

In most cases we will allocate properties purchased through the 'Buy-Back' scheme to existing Council or Housing Association tenants who are overcrowded, under-occupying their home or require a specific type of property to meet a medical need. 

This approach allows us to create a vacancy chain and meet the needs of multiple households through the purchase of a single property.

You can watch a short video about the Buy Back Scheme, how it works and how we performed over 2020/21:

How does the scheme work?

The process for selling a property to the Council is similar to selling on the open market. 

The Council receives a lot of enquiries about the 'Buy-Back' scheme and we are not able to buy all of the properties that we are offered. You do not need to have a Home Report to make an initial enquiry, but Perth & Kinross Council will not provide you with a valuation for your property. We will initially look at the demand for your property and the possibility of creating a vacancy chain.

Unfortunately we are not able to purchase properties where the owner wants to remain in the property as a council tenant, or requires alternative housing in the social-rented sector.

If your property meets our requirements in principle, an initial survey will be undertaken by a Council surveyor and the Council will negotiate with either you or your solicitor or agent in terms of the purchase price.

We will not make an offer on every property surveyed. The seller is responsible for their own legal fees.

Main criteria

  • There is demand for the type and size of property in that area.
  • The combined cost of buying the property and bringing it up to lettable standards
  • It would represent value for money to the council.
  • Where the purchase of a property (flatted accommodation) will enable the council to take complete, or majority, ownership of blocks of flats making communal repairs much easier to complete
  • Homes purchased would meet the particular needs of households not currently available in the council stock, e.g. homes suitable for people with disabilities.
  • Buying the property would allow Perth and Kinross Council to create a vacancy chain.

Further information

If you would like the council to consider buying your property, you will need to complete anicon enquiry form [77Kb].

This information will be used to assess your application and we will then contact you to let you know if your property meets the criteria.

If you would like further information on the scheme contact our Buy Back Team on 01738 476000 or e-mail