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Reusing empty properties

Reasons and options for owners of empty properties to reuse them.

Disused shops and offices and long-term empty homes can have a damaging effect on the local community and economy.

In Perth and Kinross we are looking to increase the supply of housing for local people. If you have a property which is empty because it needs work to bring it up to standard, you might benefit from the Council's Empty homes initiative.  We can also offer advice to owners on how to sell, rent, repair or convert properties to another use. If you own an empty property, but are having trouble finding the right buyer then our Matchmaker Scheme could help put you in touch with someone who is willing to take it off your hands.

Impact of empty properties


  • Loss of income from rent or a capital sum from a sale, as well as costs for Council Tax, insurance and maintenance.
  • Empty properties are more at risk of vandalism or fire and therefore cost more to insure.
  • They pose a threat to adjoining properties through damp or infestation.
  • Empty homes in disrepair can reduce the value of surrounding properties by up to 18%.


  • Empty homes contribute to the shortage of affordable housing.

Physical environment

  • Poorly maintained properties, for example those with overgrown gardens or boarded up windows detracts from the quality of the local environment.
  • Leaving properties empty also increases the pressure for development on greenfield sites.

Local authorities

  • Empty properties can attract anti-social behaviour and petty crime which then ties up the police and fire service.

Benefits of bringing properties back into use

  • Increases available housing for local people.
  • Community regeneration - improves community wellbeing and pride.
  • Sustains rural communities.
  • Discourages anti-social behaviour/crime and allows other residents to feel safe.
  • Provides rental income to owners.
  • Restores confidence in local property market.

You might benefit from the Council's Empty Homes Initiative.

Last modified on 20 August 2020

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