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Council house repairs

Details on how to report repairs, emergency repair criteria and charges for repairs

Whenever possible, Perth & Kinross Council tenants should report non emergency housing repairs online.

Report a housing repair

Please remember that our Repairs Service Centre only deals with emergency and urgent repairs each Monday.

Repair and maintenance responsibilities

Information on the repairs responsibilities by either Perth & Kinross Council as a landlord or as a tenant.

Alterations and improvements

Improvements and modernisation is necessary in order to keep Perth & Kinross Council Housing up to Scottish Housing Quality Standards (SHQS).

Household heating system operating instructions

Our Council homes have several different operating systems for heating.

Repairs to mixed-tenure blocks of flats

Across Perth and Kinross there are 795 mixed-tenure blocks, where there are people renting flats from the Council and those who bought their flat under the Right to Buy (or from someone who had already bought their property from the Council).

Smoke detector upgrade programme underway

The Council is currently carrying out a programme of work to upgrade smoke detectors in tenants' homes.

Electrical safety check programme underway in Council homes

The Council is currently carrying out a programme of work to check the electrical systems in tenants' homes.

Installation of wi-fi sensors to make your home healthier

Last year we had a fantastic response from tenants who wanted a free wi-fi sensor fitted in their home.

Approved contractors who are working with the Repairs Service

In Spring 2022 we appointed a range of new contractors to carry out some of our Housing Repairs work.

Multi-Storey Blocks of Flats - Improvement Programme

Perth & Kinross Council is about to begin a major improvement project that will transform all of our multi-storey blocks in Perth.

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