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Types of affordable housing

This page provides information on the types and availability of affordable housing in Perth & Kinross, and how to access affordable housing.

Affordable housing is good-quality homes that are affordable to people on low or modest incomes. This can include:

Perth & Kinross Council and our housing partners are constantly looking to provide additional affordable housing of differing types. You can view details of the affordable housing provided from 2017-22 (PDF) [285KB] .  


Social rent

Social rent are homes generally provided by Perth & Kinross Council and Housing Associations. You can access housing for social rent in Perth and Kinross by submitting an application through our Common Housing Register.

Mid-market rental

Mid market rental is good quality, affordable, private rented homes provided by Housing Associations aimed at people on low or modest incomes that wouldn't be prioritised for a socially rented home. Rents are lower than private market rent levels in the area. You can find mid-market rental homes in Perth and Kinross through: 

Low-cost home ownership

Shared equity

Shared equity helps first-time buyers and priority groups on low-to-medium incomes into home ownership.

There are currently two schemes operating in Scotland. In both schemes you hold the majority share of the home and are responsible for the property. 

Under the Open Market Shared Equity scheme the Scottish Government holds the remaining share. This scheme is open to any house for sale.

In the New Supply Shared Equity scheme a housing association or Council holds the remaining share. This scheme is for new build housing only.

Find out more about shared equity home ownership in Perth and Kinross:

Shared ownership

Shared ownership is provided by housing associations and offers a route to home ownership if you are unable to afford to purchase a property outright.

You can part-buy and part-rent your home. You can choose to buy a 25%, 50% or 75% share in your home. You pay rent on the share you don't buy, and the rent is usually set at an affordable level of 2.75%:


Co-housing is usually owner-occupied but can also sometimes be mid-market rent. Physical spaces allow neighbours to easily interact with each other around internal and external communal spaces, with commonly provided guest accommodation.  Collaborative decision-making on the design and use of the buildings helps to develop relationships with neighbours and provides support networks which can be particularly attractive to people later in life:

Net Zero Carbon Design Guide

The Council has prepared a design guide to help deliver its objectives for affordable housing and tackling climate change.  Sustainable, Inclusive Homes - a Net Zero Carbon Design Guide (PDF) [61MB] is intended to be used when developing and delivering proposals for affordable housing in Perth and Kinross. It is accompanied by detailed Model Employer's Requirements (PDF) [575KB] for Perth & Kinross Council social rent developments.

Last modified on 29 January 2024

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