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If you're looking for housing advice and assistance in Perth and Kinross our simple and free-to-use online Housing Options self-assessment service can help.

Perth & Kinross is a very popular place to live. 

Our revised icon Common Allocations Policy [551Kb] was approved by the Council's Housing & Communities Committee in March 2019 and took effect from the 1 April 2019.

The revised policy was developed in partnership with:-

Together these landlords operate a Common Housing Register (CHR) managing a housing stock of more than 10,000 affordable homes with a major impact in meeting housing need across Perth and Kinross.  Operating a CHR, means there is a single point of access for housing applicants, regardless of the partner organisation they approach for assistance, thereby improving access to housing for people in housing need.

Unfortunately there is a limited availability of affordable housing to rent, for example, on average 1,000 properties become available for rent each year from the main three housing providers in Perth & Kinross (Council, Caledonia and Hillcrest Housing Association). 

However, there are around 2,900 households on the Common Housing Register.  This means that we are not in a position to offer a property to everyone who applies for housing and those that are made an offer are people in urgent housing need such as people who are homeless, those with a medical need and families living in overcrowded accommodation.

How to apply

  1. Use our Housing Options Self-Assessment Service.
  2. If, after using our Housing Options Self-Assessment Service, you feel you need further advice or assistance as you may be facing homelessness or urgently need housing then you should contact us via your local area housing team or by contacting the Housing Advice Centre.
  3. Once you make contact we will provide you with advice and assistance dependant on your housing situation. We may invite you to attend an Enhanced Housing Options Interview to discuss your situation and your options in more detail.
  4. If you have a medical need which requires you to be rehoused or that you need adaptations to you home, please complete and return a icon Self-assessment medical form [409Kb] if you feel it is relevant.

If you wish to bring someone along to the interview for support you are welcome to. If you require interpretation or translation services these can be arranged.

How long will my application take?

You can normally expect a decision on your application within 20 working days. More info is available from your nearest Housing team or the Housing Advice Centre or via our Common Allocation Policy Summary.

As there is more demand for affordable housing than supply, this tool has been created to assist you in finding out all the housing options that are available to you.  By answering questions relating to your household size, tenure, income, etc. this helpful housing options self-assessment, will provide you with a personalised summary of the housing options that are suitable to you.   

At the end of the assessment, you will be provided with an Action Plan (which you can email or print off) which provides details on the next steps you may wish to take to help resolve your housing situation.

If you would like support to use the Self-Assessment Service contact your local area housing team, or the Housing Options & Support Team on 01738 476000.

Allocation Priorities

To ensure that we target those in greatest housing need and meet legislative requirements, these priorities are (% of all properties that become available for let):

  • Homeless - 50%
  • Transfer Applicants - 24%
  • Housing Applicants - 16%
  • Strategic Need - 10%

However, housing from the three main housing providers in Perth & Kinross is not the only option available to you, and our aim is to assist you to find a suitable alternative by providing you with information and advice on all the options you have.

What is an enhanced Housing Options interview?

Some action plans developed through the Self-Assessment Service suggest that you contact a member of staff at the Council for further assistance.

When you make contact you may be offered an enhanced Housing Options interview. This interview will be carried out with a trained officer who will help you to explore the housing options that may be available to you.

Changes to your Details

It's really important that you tell us if there has been in a change in your circumstances such as a change to your contact details or a new baby. If we don't have your right details this could delay the likelihood of an offer of housing being made and the group or points awarded. Please contact us with regards to icon Change of circumstances form [163Kb] or icon Change of address form [131Kb].

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