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Tenant Participation

There are various methods for tenants to get involved with the Housing services they receive.

Perth & Kinross Council aims to include as many tenants as possible to help us make decisions on issues like rent levels, and how we spend rent money on improving their homes.

Tenant Participation - Get involved

At Perth & Kinross Council we are committed to providing our tenants with plenty of icon opportunities [3Mb] to get involved and help to shape, influence and improve the services we deliver.

You can get involved as little or as much as you like. We have different levels of involvement to suit your needs and the amount of time you may have available.

There are many benefits to getting involved such as meeting new people, having your say, gaining new skills, confidence building, making a difference.

To help our volunteers we provide travel and child care expenses and those meetings are held in places that are close to where people live and are accessible

Derek Wilkie is one of our tenants who is active in participation. Here he explains how volunteering benefits him personally:

Tenant and Resident Participation Strategy

The Service User Review and Evaluation (SURE) Team has been looking into how we involve our tenants more in their Housing Services. In 2017 they produced icon a scrutiny report [1Mb] with 24 recommendations on taking forward tenant participation in Perth and Kinross.

One of the recommendations was that tenants should write a new Tenant and Resident Participation Strategy. As a result, tenants on the SURE Team have now written a icon Tenant and Resident Participation Strategy for 2018-2021 [639Kb]. The new strategy was approved by Housing and Communities Committee on January 24th 2018. 

This is the first time our tenants have written the Tenant and Resident Participation Strategy. The new approach has given tenants a unique opportunity to develop a Strategy that truly reflects their views and aspirations. It will build on the achievements and successes of the last strategy in relation to tenant-led scrutiny and the involvement of tenants and service users in decision making.

Working with tenant groups

We work closely with the Perth and Kinross Tenants' and Residents' Federation to promote tenants' rights and the maintenance and improvement of their housing conditions, amenities and environment. We also support Registered Tenant Organisations in the area and any other groups of tenants who share a common interest and come together to work with the Council to improve the place they live in.

Regular updates

We consult with tenants on an individual basis through things like the "On The House" magazine for Council tenants. We also use Social Media, email and text messaging to keep tenants up-to-date with local housing issues that affect them. If you would like to sign up to receive email or text messages please email or phone.

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Contact details

Tenant Participation Team

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