Comrie flood protection scheme


Comrie has experienced a history of flooding from the Water of Ruchill, the River Earn and the River Lednock. The most recent significant flood events occurred in January 1993, February 1997, December 2006 and in August and November 2012.

In 2013, the Council completed the following flood protection works to reduce the risk of flooding to the Dalginross area from the Water of Ruchill:-

  • Rock armour protection to the river bank on the Water of Ruchill at Ruchilside;
  • The removal of the old flood embankments at Tomnagaske;
  • A new flood embankment at Camp Road.

The standard of protection provided by these new works against flooding from the Water of Ruchill is equivalent to the predicted 1 in 100 year return period flood, with an allowance for climate change. This corresponds to the flood event that has a 1% chance of being exceeded in any one year.

However, these flood protection works do not address the remaining flood risk from the River Earn or the River Lednock, or the combined risk from all three rivers. It is estimated that approximately 200 residential properties and businesses are still at risk of flooding in Comrie.

The Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act

Comrie is located in the River Earn catchment within Potentially Vulnerable Area 08/14.

Actions to manage the risk of flooding in the area have been included in the Tay Flood Risk Management Strategy and icon Local Flood Risk Management Plan [12Mb]. These actions include a wider flood protection scheme but, due to the cost and extensive work involved, this is likely to be some time away. Other actions have therefore also been included to support the community in the meantime. Details of all of these actions can be viewed in the above Plan and in the icon public exhibition presentation [459Kb].

The Council recently published an icon interim report [2Mb] on the recent progress made on these actions.

The flood protection scheme has been included within the national priority list of flood schemes. The Scottish Government and the Council have agreed in principle to fund the scheme.  The Scottish Government will contribute 80% of the overall capital cost and the Council will contribute the remaining 20%, assuming the Scheme remains economically viable.

Current position

The Council's icon preferred flood scheme [528Kb] involves the construction of flood walls and embankments.  The current layout is based on an outline design only and is subject to further public consultation and design development.

The Council engaged consulting engineers, Sweco, to develop the outline design for the flood scheme. We are now ready to consult with the community on the latest proposals. A public exhibition will be held in the Comrie Community Centre (the White Church) between 2pm and 8pm on Tuesday 30 April and Wednesday 8 May 2019.

Anyone who cannot attend the public exhibition on the above dates, can view the proposed outline design page or the Council's Consultation Hub.

We will continue to consult with the community at the appropriate times throughout the development of the flood scheme and will keep you updated as the proposals are developed.

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Next steps

Once the public consultation on the outline design is complete, and any refinements based on community feedback have been incorporated into the scheme, the Council will formally publish the flood scheme under the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act. At this stage any person who may have an interest (including local residents and landowners) will have the opportunity to object to the scheme. Such objections can take time to resolve, but the Council will seek to minimise these through early consultation and discussion. The flood scheme is currently scheduled for publication in early 2020 and all landowners and residents within the scheme area will be notified at the time.

Once the Scheme is approved (or 'confirmed') the Council will have the legal power to build it and will be able to proceed with securing the remaining statutory consents, finalising the detailed design, tendering for a contractor and commencing construction.

View the icon indicative timeline [97Kb].

If you have any queries relating to the Comrie Flood Protection Scheme please contact Craig McQueen, Engineer (Flooding) on 01738 477219 or at  Correspondence can also be sent to the address below.

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