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Flood protection products

You can play an important role in making your property more resilient and helping to reduce the impact of flooding.

Perth and Kinross Council promotes the use of suitable flood protection products to protect your property against the risk of future flooding.

If you have experienced flooding in the past or your property is at risk of flooding, you are encouraged to arrange for a survey of your property to identify the main areas where water can enter, and to purchase and fit suitable flood protection products to mitigate this risk.

Types of flood protection products

The following types of products are designed to protect a property from flooding:

Type 1 - Flood barriers for doors and airbricks/airbrick covers


Type 2 - Non-return valves for domestic and foul drainage systems

Type 3 - Sump pumps

Sump pump

Type 4 - Waterproofing and sealants

If used correctly and with appropriate forward planning, these products can help to reduce the damage caused to a property during a flood event.

Along with the ingress of water, flooding can have other effects on a property's structure. During more extreme flood events, care should be taken when protecting the home so that other forms of damage do not occur from additional forces created by floodwater externally on the building. In such events, flood protection products should be used in accordance with the manufacturers' guidelines to assure the products work effectively and safely.

During emergency flood events, the Council will continue to endeavour to supply sandbags to properties that are in imminent danger of flooding.

You should contact your insurer to inform them of any flood resilience improvements you have made to your property and see if any work you carry out will lead to a lower premium.

Guide to flood protection products

The National Flood Forum has produced a Blue Pages Directory, which is an independent guide to flood protection products and services.

Advice and support

The Council can provide general advice on flood protection products upon request.

The Scottish Flood Forum give independent advice on property protection products, can conduct an assessment of your property on request and can be contacted on 0131 563 9392.

Further information and other advice on flooding and flood protection products can be found on our flooding pages.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency can also provide advice and simple tools to help you take action and reduce the risk on you, your family, property or business.

Last modified on 21 May 2024

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