Major planning applications and Environmental impact assessments

Guidance notes and information for the submission of a major or national planning application and any application accompanied by an Environmental impact assessment

What is a 'Major' or 'National' Development?

What constitutes a 'Major' or 'National' development is outlined in The Town and Country Planning (Hierarchy of Development) (Scotland) Regulations 2009 and further information can be found in Scottish Governments Hierarchy of Developments Circular 5/2009.

If you are unsure if your development falls into these categories you can complete and submit a icon Pre-Application Screening Notice [46Kb].

Environmental Impact Assessment

The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2011  requires an EIA for any 'Schedule 1' development and any 'Schedule 2' development that is likely to have significant effect of the environment.

Schedule 2 developments are defined as:

  • major developments which are of more than local importance 
  • developments which are proposed for particularly environmentally sensitive or vulnerable locations 
  • developments with unusually complex and potentially hazardous environmental effects.

This includes significant onshore renewable energy proposals, such as significant biomass proposals and the majority of wind farm proposals.

Further information on EIA s can be found in our icon Guide to Environmental Impact Assessments [69Kb].

Pre-application advice

Perth & Kinross Council encourages and welcomes early discussions with applicants and developers prior to the submission of any major application. The submission of a fully detailed and comprehensive application allows all parties involved to achieve timely and quality decisions.

If you are seeking pre-application advice in respect of a major development, face-to-face advice is available by making a pre-application meeting request using our icon Pre-Application Advice Request Form (Major) [304Kb]. Further guidance can be found in our icon Pre-Application Advice for Major Developments: Guidance for Developers [34Kb] document.

Pre-application consultation

Applicants proposing major or national developments are required to carry out pre-application consultation. Before doing so, applicants should read our  icon Guide to Pre-Application Consultation [62Kb] and ensure that you have submitted a icon Proposal of Application Notice [85Kb] to Development Management. All consultation events must be advertised in the local newspaper in accordance with the   icon Pre-Application Consultation Advert Template [13Kb].

Our icon Guidelines for Developers and Individuals on Engagement [570Kb] provides helpful tips and guidance on the best way to engage with your community.

Processing agreements

We encourage the use of processing agreements in association with planning application for major developments. Processing agreements should be discussed as early as possible as it is important that developers know at an early stage in the development process about the level of information required to support an application.

More information can be found in our  icon Planning Processing Agreement guidance [53Kb]. Details of the processing agreement will be drawn up between the case officer and the developer. The format should be kept as concise, clear and as simple as possible and should adhere to the available icon Planning Processing Agreement Template [83Kb].

What should I provide when I submit my application?

If a processing agreement is in place for the development or is requested then a comprehensive list of the required drawings and information will be provided. In addition, to help ensure that you include all the relevant information, we have produced a printable  icon Major Application Checklist [95Kb].

Information of planning fees can be found in the icon Scale of Current Fees [48Kb]. There is also a fee calculator available on the Scottish Government's website. Fees can be paid by debit or credit card via the e-Planning website when submitting your application or by calling our Customer Service Centre on 01738 475000. Should you wish to pay by BACS transfer please contact us for account details. If the fees are to be paid by cheque it should be made payable to Perth and Kinross Council.

Please be aware an additional fee of £61.10 is required for the advertisement of some planning applications. This will not apply if the planning application affects a Conservation Area or the setting of a Listed Building. This advertisement fee will be requested after the application has been registered and checked. Please note that due to statutory requirements, adverts relating to Environmental Impact Assessments usually carry a larger fee and the applicant will be invoiced for the full amount after publication.  For further information please contact us.

Pre-validation Check

Perth & Kinross Council also offer pre-validation checks on all major, national and applications accompanied by an EIA. To find out more or receive this service please contact us at Development Management.

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