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Planning application validation checklists

What should be provided with your application?

When we receive your application, it will be checked for accuracy and for the fullness of information supplied. This not only helps us to deal with the application efficiently, it also makes sure that everyone has a full picture of what is being proposed. In the long run this should help you get a speedier decision. It will not be registered if relevant information is missing. Select from the list below based on the type of application you plan to submit.

Regardless of the type of application you intend to submit, you may wish to review the additional guidance provided in our Additional Supporting Information Guidance (PDF) [119KB]  and our Impact on daylight - when should it be considered? (PDF) [200KB]   These documents provide helpful information which can make the application process more efficient.

Householder development application checklists

Submission checklists for applications relating to the alteration or extension to an existing and completed dwellinghouse or flat, or the carrying out of any works (including buildings) within the garden ground.

Non-householder development application checklists

Submission checklists for planning applications other than for householder developments.

Listed building and conservation area consent application checklists

Submission checklists for applications to alter, extend or demolish a listed building or works to demolish a building within a conservation area

Other consents and permissions application checklists

Submission checklists relating to applications for all other planning permissions and consents

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