What needs planning permission?

Not all developments require planning permission. Find out below how to find out if you need permission.

When you do need planning permission

You will need to submit a planning application if you want to:

  • build a new building such as houses, shops or factories
  • make a major change to your building e.g. building an extension
  • change the use of your building or land

See our Pre-application services  webpage for information on how to get advice about your development.

When you don't need planning permission

You don't need to apply for planning permission for some types of building projects.  This is known as 'permitted development'.

More information on these rights are contained within the icon Permitted Development Guidance Note [174Kb] or the icon Householder Permitted Development Rights Circular 1/2012 [2Mb].

Is my development 'permitted'?

If you are planning on completing one of the following types of development to your dwellinghouse or flat, you should check if planning permission is required by referring to the relevant checklist below:



You should apply for a certificate of lawfulness if you want a definite decision that a proposed development is lawful and does not need planning permission or that if you go ahead with the development, you will not run the risk of future enforcement action by the Council.

If the development is not covered by any of the above checklists, please email developmentmanagement@pkc.gov.uk or send in your enquiry to Development Management and provide sufficient details of the proposal including:

  • The address of the property
  • A site layout to a recognised scale
  • The size of the proposed development (using external metric measurements)
  • Elevational drawings to a recognised scale

Do I need permission to run a business from home?

If you are thinking of running a business from home or maybe already are and would like to know if you require planning permission or consent then you can complete our icon Running a Business from Home Questionnaire [245Kb].

What other consents might I need?

There is a full list of other types of consent on the icon Application Types [69Kb] guidance notes.

If you know or believe your property is listed, the works you wish to carry out may require listed building consent. More information about listed buildings and listed building consent can be found in our Heritage Conservation section.

What if I start a development without planning permission?

If your project needs planning permission and you do the work without getting it or do not adhere to the conditions in the granted planning permission, you can be served an enforcement notice ordering you to undo all the changes you have made.

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