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List of public roads

The Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 requires the Council to manage and maintain all roads entered in the List of Public Roads for its area.

The list of public roads which the Council maintains is split into two categories:

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The List of Public Roads and Road Maintenance Map, includes adopted roads, footways or footpaths which are the responsibility of Perth & Kinross Councils Roads Authority. Trunk Roads are the responsibility of Transport Scotland.

Please note: Every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information, however this mapping is continually being reviewed and updated to improve the quality and accuracy of the information provided.  Therefore, Perth & Kinross Council assumes no liability or responsibility for any error or omissions in the information provided.

Perth Transport Futures Project A9/A85 Crieff Road to Bertha Park

Under Sections 1(4) and 16 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 the Council proposes to add the following road(s) to the List of Public Roads:

  • A85 Crieff Road
  • Crematorium Access Road
  • Double Dykes
  • Cycle route from Double Dykes to Almond Bridge (remote footpath)
  • Cycle route from Low's Work Cottages Almondbank to Double Dykes (remote footpath)
  • B9993
  • Adamson Avenue
  • A9 Western bypass over Skywalk Bridge (remote footpath)
  • Ruthvenfield Road at Double Dykes to cycle route by the B9993 (remote footpath)
  • Ruthvenfield Grove Footpath to the B9993 (remote footpath)
  • Access Road off B9993 roundabout to Geddes Avenue
  • B9993 Underpass (remote footpath)
  • B9993 Underpass footpath to The Mallard (remote footpath)
  • Auld Bond Road to Skywalk Bridge (remote footpath)
  • Hulbert Court Westwards to A85 (remote footpath)
  • Slip road from the A85 to the A9
  •  Access Road off B9993 roundabout southwest to Ruthvenfield Road

The icon A9/A85 Crieff Road to Bertha Park Adoption Plan [4Mb] shows the area to be adopted in black. The consultation period has now ended.

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