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Street naming and numbering

Perth & Kinross Council is responsible for allocating street names and numbers. It is essential that all properties have an official, recognised address, making it straightforward for emergency services to locate it, utility companies to provide a supply and the delivery of mail.

You can submit an application if you are the property owner and you are:

  • Wanting to change the officially registered name of your property which is displayed on the Royal Mail Postal Address File
  • Wanting to register an existing unofficial address which is not displayed on the Royal Mail Postal Address File
  • Creating either a new property or multiple properties
  • Subdividing/converting an existing property
  • There is a change of access to an existing property eg, if you change the access to the property from one street to another.

When submitting an application you should ensure that you have completed the correct online form, included the necessary information and paid the relevant fee to ensure that there is no delay in the processing of your application.

NOTE: Applications for either a single new build or multi plot development should be submitted once your building warrant has been issued. Your building warrant pack will include a link to the SNN online portal. It is in your interest to apply as soon as possible to ensure an address is assigned to the property or properties prior to occupation. You are required to have an official address before the building work is complete.

Apply online

Apply for street naming and numbering online

Types of applications

New single property

The 'new single property' online form should be used for all applications for developments comprising of only one new property. This is commonly the case in self build developments.

New multiple properties

The 'new multiple properties' online form should be used for developments that consist of more than one property. This includes changes of use where the existing property will be subdivided into numerous properties. If a new street name is required, developers may suggest names along with background information on the reason for their choice.  Street names should not duplicate existing names in the same area.  The final decision for street names lies with local Ward Councillors.

Please note that the charges are based on a per site basis, rather than on an individual property by property basis. We would expect that an entire site is registered at the same time, rather than individual properties within a larger site, this will ensure a consistent approach is adopted to naming and numbering sites.

Once the necessary information has been provided, the fee for new multiple properties will be confirmed within 10 working days. However, the list below shows the categories of fees that will be used to calculate the fee for your development.

In some cases, it may be necessary to re-number or re-name existing streets or properties. This may be required if;

  • New properties are built in a street and there is a need for other properties to be renumbered to accommodate the new properties.
  • There is confusion over a street's name and/or numbering and this is causing problems for residents, delivery of services or the emergency services.

Existing property owners will be contacted and their opinions taken into account as well as the Royal Mail. This is a very time consuming and possibly disruptive process and is only undertaken after careful consideration taking into account public safety and benefit to the residents.

Register an existing property

Often existing properties do not have an official address. This is often the case with estate and abandoned properties. If you need to register an existing building the 'register an existing property' online form should be completed.

Change of name or add a name

If you wish to change the name of your property or to add a name to an address that currently doesn't have one then you should complete the 'change of name or add a name' online form.


Charges for street naming, numbering and house naming

  • Naming of a new street - £245

Fee structure for numbering of new properties or renumbering properties


1 Property



2-5 Properties



6-10 Properties



11-25 Properties



26-50 Properties



51-100 Properties



101-150 Properties



151-200 Properties



201+ Properties

£1,295 plus additional £5 per plot

£1,345 plus additional £5 per plot

Renumbering of a new development

As listed above minus the naming per street fee


Registering an existing property or renaming a property



Additional services



Confirmation of an existing address (e.g. solicitor or private enquiries), price per address


Fee for providing confirmation on status of sections of road (e.g. solicitors, agents) per plan



What happens next?

Your application will be assessed by the Street Naming and Numbering Officer. This can take anything between 7-10 weeks, depending on the complexity and quality of the application, including the agreement between parties regarding the postal address. On occasion, the address requested by the customer does not meet with addressing conventions and an alternative suggestion will be required. Once the address has been agreed, the relevant notification is sent to Royal Mail who will allocate a postcode and officially register the address on their Postal Address File.

Once Royal Mail have officially registered the address and notified Perth & Kinross Council the notification will be distributed to all interested parties.This includes the applicant, Centrica, Fire Scotland, Fulcrum, General Register Office for Scotland, NHS, Openreach, Ordnance Survey, Royal Mail, Scotland Gas Networks, Tayside Police, Tayside Valuation Joint Board and Tom Tom.

All properties that are under construction will be registered with the Royal Mail as 'Not Yet Built'. Once the property is ready for occupation you must contact Royal Mail via the online form (opens new window) to make a written request for the address(es) to go live.

You can check that your address is official on the Royal Mail Postcode Finder.

Street nameplates

The Council is responsible for repair and maintenance of street nameplates when this becomes necessary, due to accidental damage, vandalism or normal wear and tear. 

In the case of a new development, the developer is responsible for the erection of nameplates to the Councils' specification.

You can report damaged, missing or illegible street nameplates via MyPKC.

Last modified on 08 April 2024

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