What's new in Child Protection?

On this page Perth & Kinross Child Protection Committee will publish documents, articles and electronic links relating to new and emerging policy developments which may be of interest to visitors to the site.

If you would like to include any item in this part of the website please contact The Child Protection Inter-Agency Co-ordinator on 01738 476881.

Current News

icon Getting it Right - Keeping Your Child Safe - Perth Playhouse Cinema - 17 May 2018 [135Kb]
icon National CSE Awareness Day 2018 [162Kb]
SCRA E-News February 2018 - Issue 31
icon Scottish Government - Child Protection Policy Update March 2018 [419Kb]
National Crime Agency 5/12/2017 - Live Streaming Platforms , icon Digital Childhood Report [3Mb],  Child exploitation: Live streaming an 'urgent' threat.
icon New CPC Child Protection Information and Advice Z Card 2017 [179Kb]

Training and Conference Opportunities

icon Protecting Vulnerable Children, Young People and Adults - Essential E-Learning for All [194Kb]
icon Child Poverty, Health and Wellbeing E - Learning Module [122Kb]
icon Abuse, Culture and Child Protection - E-Learning Opportunity for PKC Staff [251Kb]
icon Intro to Supporting Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse - E-Learning Oportunity for PKC Staff [198Kb]
icon Advanced Programme in Supporting Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse - E-Learning for PKC Staff [199Kb]
icon Children's Hearings Multi - Agency E- Learning Module [319Kb]
icon PKAVS Young Carers E-Learning Module [937Kb]
CPD1 Form
icon Free Learning Opportunity - Child Wellbeing and Protection Training - 17.04.2018 [332Kb]
icon Free Learning Opportunity - Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Training - 24.04.2018 [326Kb]
icon Free Learning Opportunity - Designated CPO Training - 26.04.2018 [326Kb]
icon Free Learning Opportunity - Online Risks to Children and Young People Training Course 09.05.2018 [324Kb]
icon Free Learning Opportunity - Foundation Programme in Child Protection and Wellbeing 22,23,24 May 2018 [319Kb]
icon Free Learning Opportunity - Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Training - 06.06.2018 [328Kb]

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