Recycling Centre Permits

Perth & Kinross Council now run a Permit system for commercial type vehicles who use Recycling Centres and Friarton Weighbridge

Why a Permit system?

It is being introduced to ensure that commercial users of Recycling Centres and Friarton Weighbridge are compliant with their Duty of Care as waste producers. Netregs have produced icon a quick guide to waste legislation and Duty of Care [775Kb].

When will the Permit system start?

All van and large trailer users (6ft or over) of Recycling Centres and the Friarton Weighbridge for permitted materials are required to produce a permit for access to the sites.

If a site attendant identifies a visitor as commercial, a landlord or using a business type vehicle and they do not produce a permit, these users will be turned away from the site.

Who needs to apply for a Permit?

Perth & Kinross businesses currently using Council Recycling Centres to recycle (free-of-charge): paper, plastic packaging (bottles/pots/tubs/trays), cans, segregated glass, timber. scrap metal or household waste electricals, will need to register for a Commercial Permit.

Perth & Kinross businesses currently using approved Recycling Centres or the Friarton Weighbridge to dispose of/recycle other chargeable materials (i.e., garden, inert or non-recyclable wastes) will need to register for a Commercial Permit.

Householders using commercial type vehicles (i.e., vans, liveried vehicles, trailers with a double axle or a single axle and over 6ft in length etc.) to dispose of/recycle their own waste must apply for a Domestic Exemption Permit.

Landlords using Recycling Centres to dispose of their tenant's household waste (up to twice per year per property) will be required to register for a Landlord Permit.

What business waste/recycling can I take to my local Recycling Centre?

Download, print or view  icon the list of Recycling Centres open for business use [113Kb]. Please note that holders of Domestic Exemption Permits can visit any Recycling Centre to dispose of their waste and recycling. For a full list of what can be recycled at each site by householders, please visit our Recycling Centre pages.

This Permit is for any businesses who use Recycling Centres to dispose of paper, cardboard, cans, or plastics. It is also for businesses who dispose or any chargeable materials either at a participating Recycling Centre, or at Friarton Weighbridge.

If you use a commercial type vehicle to take your own household waste to the Recycling Centre, you will need a Domestic Exemption permit to gain access.

This permit will allow landlords access to Recycling Centres to dispose of household waste left behind by tenants.

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