Report a housing repair

Details on how to report a housing repair to Perth & Kinross Council

Severe weather update - Please report all non emergency housing repairs online

Due to the current weather conditions all non-emergency repairs must be reported online until further notice. To report your repair online please follow the instructions below.

If you have a loss of water this could be due to frozen pipes. Please check the  winter precautions page for advice.

If you have an emergency repair please continue to hold or select our call back option and an Advisor will contact you as soon as they are available.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Frozen Condensate Pipe

If you're having problems with your heating system in the cold weather, the issue may be that your condensate pipe is frozen. You can take some simple steps to fix this. Take a look at this web page.

Reporting non-emergency repairs online

If you are a Council tenant and something is broken or not working properly in your home, you can report a repair online.

Report a housing repair online

Here, our tenant Megane Kilpatrick explains how quick and simple MyPKC was to use when she reported a repair: 

Please be aware that many minor maintenance jobs and repairs are the responsibility of tenants. We have provided a number of video tutorials to help tenants with the most common minor maintenance jobs we are contacted about.

Alternatively, you can email or call the Housing Repairs and Improvements Service on 01738 476000 and select Option 1 between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday

To report an emergency housing repair

If there is an emergency outwith those hours, call 01738 476000 and select Option 4. Your call will be picked up by the emergency repairs service, select option 1 for Gas Central Heating emergencies and option 2 for other emergency repairs.

Emergency work includes:

  • blocked toilets where the premises contain only one toilet
  • blocked or leaking drains (not blocked sinks)
  • serious storm, accident or floor damage to rooms
  • dangerous structures
  • serious electrical faults, such as overheating of sockets or switches
  • regaining entry where a tenant is accidentally locked out (there is likely to be a charge for this).

Emergencies will be attended to and made safe within 24 hours of being reported and, where possible, we will carry out the full repair.

Winter damage

The Housing Repairs Team has received a high number of calls over the last few weeks about frozen pipes. When the temperature dips below freezing pipes can freeze. This can cause leaks which may mean you have to leave your property while repairs are carried out.

Tenants can take some simple measures to prevent pipes freezing:

  • Check you know how to use the heating system properly, and where your stop valves are. If you don't know email our Repairs Centre or give them a call and they can tell you (see contact details below).
  • Keep the heat in. Use draught excluders if necessary and lag your pipes.
  • Keep your heating on overnight at a low temperature so pipes won't freeze - simply turn your thermostat down to 15c.
  • Repairing dripping taps helps prevent pipes freezing, and so does salt placed in the waste traps of sinks, baths, basins and toilets.
  • If you're leaving your house unoccupied for more than a few days in winter ask the Repairs Centre to turn off the water and drain the plumbing. Leave keys with a trusted friend/neighbour and, if you can, leave your heating on at 15c while you are away. If you do this ensure pre-payment meters have enough credit.

If you're having trouble with frozen pipes:

  • If pipes which are part of the hot water system become frozen turn off or extinguish the source of heat (immersion heater, gas boiler, coal fire back boiler).
  • Turn off the supply of water at the stop valve.
  • Before attempting to thaw the pipe remove or protect anything which might be damaged if the pipe bursts.
  • Gently heat the frozen section of pipe using a fan heater, hairdryer, hot water bottle or heated cloths wrapped round the pipe.

If pipes burst:

  • Turn off the water at the main stop valve in the house. Turn on the taps. Switch off the boiler and switch off the immersion or water heating systems (extinguish your coal fire if you use a back boiler).
  • Turn off the electrical supply (electricity and water is a bad combination).
  • Contact the Repairs Centre by emailing or call the team on 01738 476000.
  • Warn neighbours if they are likely to be affected.

Repair criteria and timescales

Urgent repairs

These are repairs that are not emergencies, but need to be carried out quickly to prevent more damage to your home. These repairs will be carried out within 5 working days of being reported. Some examples are:

  • minor leaks and overflow;
  • damaged flooring and tiles
  • minor faults to showers where other washing facilities are available

Everyday repairs

These are everyday repairs that are needed as a result of normal wear and tear of the property.  These repairs will be carried out through a mutually agreed appointment. Some examples are:

  • faulty radiators;
  • faulty electrical switch or light pendant

Before contacting us, view our icon repairs policy [3Mb] which may be able to answer your query and also includes timescales for completion of work in full working days. 

Repair charges

The Housing Repairs Service will carry out most repairs to your home.  However, there are some repairs that you will have to pay for yourself, our  icon responsibility for repairs [120Kb] list will explain who is responsible for each item.  icon Rechargeable repairs [989Kb] will only be carried out where you have agreed to meet the costs, which will include an administrative charge and VAT.  View our icon Rechargeable Repairs Policy and Procedure [299Kb].

Complaints about repairs

If at any time you are not satisfied with our service please let us know by contacting The Repairs Centre, your complaint will then be considered in line with the Council's  complaints procedure. If you remain dissatisfied after having had your complaint considered under the Complaints Procedure you can take the matter to the  Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.

Term Maintenance Contractors

A icon list of the term maintenance contractors [180Kb] is available to view in greater detail.

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