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Telecare service

Telecare, also known as community alarms, provides peace of mind for individuals and their families through a 24-hour response service.

Telecare is one of the most important tools we use to help you live independently in your own home. It ensures you receive help quickly when necessary.

Before applying for Telecare, you can now use the self-check online tool which will provide a summary page with useful information relating to your answers. It may also suggest that you contact your local Telecare Service.

We would also encourage you to to try out various pieces of other telecare equipment that can support people to live at home safely and independently.

Applying for Telecare

To apply, you can contact the Early Intervention and Prevention service on 0345 30 111 20 or If you are eligible an assessing worker will carry out a home visit to assess for the service and discuss how the system operates..

How does it work?

The base unit has a button on it that can be pressed to call for assistance. You will also receive a pendant that you can wear and it has a similar button on it. When one of the buttons is pressed, the Control Centre is automatically contacted by phone. The base unit has a loudspeaker and a strong microphone on it so you and the Control Centre can speak to one another.

The service can be used 24 hours a day.

Telecare equipment

The base unit - this is the hub of the system and connects to the telephone line and mains electrical power supply. It receives smart information from the other detectors and sensors positioned around the home and generates alarm calls for help.

Additional sensors are available for service users assessed as requiring them.

Watch the following short video for a brief introduction to some of the technology available:


Reporting a fault in the equipment

If there is a fault with the equipment this can be reported through the Community Alarm Control Centre. This is a 24 hour service and the telephone number is 01738 459600.

Unhappy with the service?

Firstly, speak to the Community Alarm/Telecare Control Centre on telephone number 01738 459600. Most problems can be dealt with quickly by the people closest to the situation.

If you are still unhappy with the response or feel unable to approach these staff directly, view the complaints procedure.

Technology Enabled Care Conference 2018

The Technology Enabled Care Conference took place on Tuesday 25th September 2018, the following are presentations and break-out sessions from the event:

Contact details

Early Intervention and Prevention Team

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Tel 0345 30 111 20