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TerraCycle Brigades

Do you want to help the environment and raise money for your school/community group? Host a TerraCycle Brigade!

TerraCycle is UK-wide and offers a recycling opportunity for a range of materials that Perth & Kinross Council currently cannot collect at the kerbside or at Recycling Centres & Points.

In exchange for the materials that host collection points collect and send (with free postage) to TerraCycle, money can be raised for a school, for a non-profit organisation or can be redeemed for a variety of charitable gifts.

What can be collected for recycling?

A growing range of items can be collected for recycling including used contact lenses, cigarette waste, oral care products (e.g. old toothbrushes and empty toothpaste containers), empty crisp packets, empty make up packaging, empty pet food wrappers, empty biscuit and snack wrappers and used stationery. 

  1. Visit the Terracycle website for the full list. 
  2. Click on an item that you currently have as waste
  3. Scroll down to the map and click on it to look for your nearest host
  4. Zoom into the map to see where you might be able to call in conveniently with your collected items
  5. Then put a bag or a small box in your home so that these items can be separated for recycling (e.g. a bag for oral care products on the back of the bathroom door or a carrier bag for empty crisp packets in the kitchen)

How can you sign up as a host?

If you'd like to become a collection point for this material, TerraCycle has a list on their webpage of the Brigades that they offer and any space available for new host organisations.  They have also created a Collection Guide

The monetary and environmental advantages

You will be helping to:

  • Divert more waste from landfill.
  • Keep valuable resources out of landfill, by diverting materials for recycling.
  • Raise money for a school, for a non-profit organisation or to collect points that can be redeemed for a variety of charitable gifts.

What involvement could Perth & Kinross Council have?

Perth & Kinross Council is keen to work with schools and community groups across Perth and Kinross to publicise any TerraCycle collections that are introduced.  PKC's Waste Services can work with you to create a Press Releases, photo-calls and to promote your collection points via the Council's social media.