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Textiles and shoes

All textiles and shoes can be reused, if they are in good condition, or recycled if they are in poor condition.

Textiles and shoes are made of materials grown from the planet and shouldn't be put in landfill. In landfill, these materials will break down releasing methane, a greenhouse gas, which contributes to climate change. By reusing and recycling, the resources used to create your textiles and shoes will be saved, and they will also be diverted from landfill. 

Reduce waste: Make the most of your items

When you've bought new clothes, bedding, towels, curtains, shoes, handbags or accessories, there are some simple ways to keep your items in good condition and looking new. The Love Your Clothes Campaign has hints and tips for icon washing items made of different materials [645Kb], icon removing stains [620Kb] and making minor repairs including  icon hemming by hand [698Kb] and icon hemming with an iron [867Kb] so that they last as long as possible.

Reuse: Passing your items on or buying something new to you

Charity Shops and Reuse Projects are great for picking up a bargain or an unusual item for the home or to add a twist to an outfit...or for donating to after a de-clutter. Perth and Kinross is home to a wide range of Charity Shops and Reuse Projects. To find where to donate your good quality textiles and shoes, visit the charity shop pap.

Bra reuse and recycling

Old or unwanted bras can be saved from landfill. The reusable bras will be worn again in developing countries. The bras with broken wires or broken hooks, worn out elastic or frayed material will be sold onto manufacturers for making into new items such as purses, carpets and other textiles.

Look out for bra Recycling Banks at:

Or pop old or unwanted bras in any textile recycling bank

Recycling: To divert poor quality textiles from landfill

Old, unwanted or worn out clothes, shoes, bedding, towels, handbags and accessories don't need to be automatically put in the general waste bin! The resources in your stained, bobbly, ripped or holey items are still useful to someone!

Next time you find some holey jeans, a worn-out t-shirt or a bobbly jumper in the wardrobe that has seen better days, consider:

  • Donating it to your local charity shop as rags. Charity shops sell any poorer quality clothes, shoes, bedding, towels, handbags and accessories to Textile Recycling Companies to get a little extra income. Just bag up the poor quality items and, when the bag is full, drop them into a favourite Charity Shop as rags.
  • If you can't make it to a charity shop, there are Textile and Shoe Recycling Banks across Perth and Kinross. The contents are sorted at Nathan's Wastesavers in Denny. Good quality items are bulked and sold on for reuse. Poorer quality items are separated for recycling into things like car sound-proofing, mattress stuffing and industrial rags.

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