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Ideas for reuse and recycling

There are lots of ways you can reuse and recycle more in your everyday life

Find information in the tables which may inspire you to reduce your waste.

Ideas for reuse 

Item to tryFinding out more
Explore rental schemes

John Lewis customers can rent furniture on a three, six or twelve month basis.  The service is offered via Fat Llama's 'Flex Rental' website and includes desks, chairs, dining tables and sofas. While products are available to rent, customers will also be able to buy the items at any time. The longer the rental, the cheaper the item will be each month. Returned items will be cleaned and, if needed, refurbished before being rented again.  Read this article in the Circular Magazine to find out more about the 'sharing economy'. 

Explore the 'Scotland' section of the Fat Llama website to discover things to rent in this area, or post some of your infrequently used items to boost the 'sharing economy' in Perth and Kinross. 

Reusable face coverings

Zero Waste Scotland is calling for householders to opt for reusable face coverings for coronavirus protection. The widespread use of face coverings, particularly with many people opting for disposable single-use options, has led to a recent spike in associated litter. To keep our streets and parks clean, cut waste and maintain public health, the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland are highlighting reusable coverings as the preferred method of keeping people safe. 

Either make your own face covering using templates from the internet including Pintrest or purchase a ready-made reusable face covering from an online retailer or from selected clothes shops. 

Remember also to reuse two washable reusable make-up bags to separately contain the clean and used face coverings.  This way, you will always have somewhere to put the used face coverings before washing them and then somewhere to store the lovely clean face coverings after washing them.   

Reusable party itemsReplace disposables by hiring themed reusable party items (including cups, plates, bowls, cutlery, table cloths, napkins, bunting, paper lanterns and fairy lights). 
Reusable Menstrual ProductsSwitch from disposable options to reusable tampons, cups, menstrual sponges and sanitary towels.  When you're out and about, use a waterproof-lined purse (made of pre-loved denim) to carry your spare and used items home in again. Find out more about some of the options available by browsing the Zero Waste Scotland webpage or do a quick internet search to discover other reusable period products on the market.  Zero Waste Perth has also written a blog about reusable period products. 
Reusable (Real) Nappies

Heartland Cloth Nappy Library explains, 'Long gone are the days of soaking, boiling and scrubbing terry nappies, of sharp pins, horrible scratchy plastic and more often than not, nappy rash. Now modern cloth nappies are absorbent fabrics with pretty designs and velcro or popper fastenings, plus modern washing machines mean that you just quickly tip the solid content down the toilet and then put the real nappy into the washer and press go!'

The Scottish Government is leading the way promoting cloth nappies in their 'baby box' scheme and by teaming up with Tots Bots (a Glasgow company) they are helping many more parents discover the benefits of using cloth nappies, both environmentally and financially.  However, there are so many different types of cloth nappy available, it can be a bit baffling for a new parent to get to grips with cloth so local volunteers through the Nappy Organisations can help you to choose what is right for you and your baby: you can rent a set of nappies for a small fee, and get all the (free) support that you need, so that if you decide to buy some of your own, you get the ones that your wee one likes and will happily use.  (Any money raised through hire fees or fundraising is put back into the library: updating and replenishing stock). 

Ideas for recycling

Keen on recycling more than just what is accepted in your kerbside bins? Find information below on some of the other items you might want to consider recycling. 

Unwanted itemMore information
Used cooking oilCooking oil and fat shouldn't be put down the sink because it can cause blockages in the sewer network.  Instead, there are cooking oil collections at any of PKC's 9 Recycling Centres.  Let your cooking oil cool after cooking then put it into a reusable container and then take it to your nearest Recycling Centre and pour the contents into the Cooking Oil Collection Container at the Centre.  Solidified, cooled cooking fat can be  put in a sealable plastic container and then bagged and put in the general waste bin. 
Old brasBras of any condition can be recycled at 8 of PKC's Recycling Centres and selected Recycling Points.  For every tonne of bras donated, Nathan's Wastesavers will make a donation to Breast Cancer Now's research.  Bra Reuse and Recycling Points are also in place at Miss Forsyth's Lingerie Shop in Perth and Bell's Sports Centre in Perth. 

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