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Glass bottle and jar recycling

Divert your empty glass bottles and jars from landfill by recycling them at Recycling Points or Recycling Centres.

We need every household in Perth and Kinross to collect their glass bottles and jars, to recycle at local Recycling Centres or Points. Put a reusable bag, plastic tub or cardboard box to one side at home to collect your empty glass coffee jars, glass jam jars, glass condiment jars, glass sauce bottles, glass beer bottles or glass wine bottles, then visit our Find my nearest recycling centre or point page to find your nearest Glass Recycling Point. 

Recycling Points are often located at community halls, supermarkets, car parks, etc so it's easy to fit in a stop at a Glass Recycling Point with other day-to-day activities such as the school run, going to work or doing the food shop.  Plus there are several Mini Glass Recycling Points in housing estates across Perth and Kinross, to make it even easier to recycle.

Glass that can't currently be recycled

Please note that other types of glass (such as perfume or cologne bottles, make-up jars and glass cookware such as Pyrex jugs and glass oven-to-tableware) cannot currently be recycled and therefore must be disposed of in the general waste bin (wrapped in a bit of newspaper or bubble-wrap ideally) because it's usually toughened glass so it can't be melted down in the recycling process with food and beverage glass bottles and jars.  Also, things like perfume and cologne bottles are often a mixture of glass, plastic and metal and the glass is often a different colour to food and beverage bottles and jars. 

Recycling to help reduce climate change 

Over the last few months, we've seen an increase in the amount of glass bottles and jars being dumped in the general waste bin, for sending to landfill.  But did you know that by recycling your glass bottles and jars, you can help save resources and reduce climate change?  Glass is a valuable resource which can be recycled over and over again without losing quality.  By recycling it, you're helping to save the energy needed to mine and transport raw materials and also the energy needed to then manufacture new glass bottles and jars.  The Waste Services Team is monitoring the amount of glass bottles and jars diverted for recycling - we hope that, with your help, we can save more glass bottles and jars from landfill to increase the amount being recycled. 

Coming soon

  • In the next few weeks, we'll be launching our video about a Glass Bottle Family and an accompanying home-schooling Activity Sheet. 
  • Soon we will also be launching a Glass Recycling Selfie Competition - take part for the chance to win one of three Perth Gift Cards, each worth £30.    

How to enter the Selfie Competition

The competition will run for 3 weeks and during that time, PKC will share on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook selfies of householders across Perth and Kinross recycling their glass bottles and jars at some of the 110 Recycling Points or 9 Recycling Centres across the area.  We'll then award a prize for our favourite three selfies.    Please remember to also 'like', share and re-tweet other people's glass recycling selfies. To take part: 

  1. Find your nearest Recycling Centre or Point
  2. Collect your glass bottles and jars into a reusable bag or box
  3. Take the glass bottles and jars for recycling - for example, en route to the shops or whilst walking the dog
  4. Get a selfie of yourself at the Glass Recycling Point with your glass bottles and jars
  5. Upload your selfie as a comment to one of our glass recycling posts and tag it as #glassbottlefamily on Twitter, or Instagram or Facebook

Terms and Conditions for the competition 

  • By submitting your photo, you are giving permission to share the image with people across Perth and Kinross and beyond. 
  • Please ensure that you have permission from everyone in your selfie before you post it onto PKC's social media.
  • By posting your photo onto PKC's social media, you are agreeing that Perth & Kinross Council can use your photo in future publicity about glass recycling. 

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