Charity glass campaign

Give your glass for Cornhill

Perth & Kinross Council and Cornhill Macmillan Centre (based at Perth Royal Infirmary) have worked in partnership to divert glass bottles and jars for recycling in Perth and Kinross, so as to raise money for Cornhill

Total raised

The tonnage of glass recycled across Perth and Kinross has increased by approximately 534 tonnes over the 12 months (October 2017 - September 2018) of the Give Your Glass for Cornhill Campaign (compared to the amount recycled during the CHAS Campaign). 

  • Between October 2017 and December 2017, glass recycling increased by nearly 20 tonnes, raising £500 for Cornhill.   
  • Between January 2018 and March 2018, glass recycling increased by approximately 160 tonnes, raising £750 for Cornhill. 
  • Between April 2018 and June 2018, glass recycling increased by just over 126 tonnes, raising £600 for Cornhill. 
  • Between July 2018 and September 2018, glass recycling increased by just over 228 tonnes, raising £750 for Cornhill. 

That's £2,600 raised for Cornhill Macmillan Centre in 12 months by collecting glass bottles and jars at home and then taking them to the nearest recycling centre or recycling point - Thank you. 

Previously, between October 2015 and September 2017, the Give Your Glass for Children's Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS) campaign encouraged Perth and Kinross householders to recycle an additional 818.60 tonnes of glass bottles and jars, equivalent to filling an additional 1,024 glass recycling bells and raising £5,823.60 for CHAS in two years. 

How the glass campaign worked

From 1st October 2017 until 30th September 2018, the amount of glass bottles and jars recycled at Recycling centres and points continued to be measured.  Any increase during this time, above the previous year, resulted in the income generated being awarded to Cornhill Macmillan Centre.  So the more glass bottles and jars that you recycled, the more money we together raised for Cornhill.   

This has been a great way to help the environment and raise money for a local charitable organisation (Cornhill) at the same time.

Now the campaign is over, what do I do? 

Even though the campaign with Cornhill has come to an end, after a very successful year, please continue to recycle your glass bottles and jars. 

Put a reusable bag, plastic tub or cardboard box to one side at home to collect your empty glass coffee jars, glass jam jars, glass condiment jars, glass sauce bottles, glass beer bottles or glass wine bottles, then visit our Find my nearest recycling centre or point page to find your nearest glass recycling facility.  Recycling points are often located at community halls, supermarkets, car parks, etc so it's easy to fit in a stop at a glass recycling Point with other day-to-day activities such as the school run, going to work or doing the food shop.  Plus there are several new mini glass recycling points being installed across Perth and Kinross, to make it even easier to recycle your glass bottles and jars.

Glass that can't currently be recycled

Please note that other types of glass (such as perfume or cologne bottles, make-up jars and glass cookware such as Pyrex jugs and glass oven-to-tableware) cannot currently be recycled and therefore must be disposed of in the general waste bin (wrapped in a bit of newspaper or bubble-wrap ideally) because it's usually toughened glass so it can't be melted down in the recycling process with food and beverage glass bottles and jars.  Also, things like perfume and cologne bottles are often a mixture of glass, plastic and metal and the glass is often a different colour to food and beverage bottles and jars. 

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