Application checklist

If you need permission or consent for your development check our helpful checklists of what information, drawings, plans and fees will be required.

When we receive your application, it will be checked for accuracy and for the fullness of the information supplied. It will not be registered if relevant information is missing. This not only helps us to deal with the application efficiently, it also makes sure that everyone have a full picture of what is being proposed. In the long run this should help you get a speedier decision.

What should I provide when I submit my application?


Information on  planning application fees can be found in the icon Scale of Current Fees [347Kb]. There is also a fee calculatoravailable on the Scottish Government's website, though this doesn't account for mixed developments. Fees can be paid by debit or credit card via the e-Planning website when submitting your application or by calling our Customer Service Centre on 01738 475300. 

Please be aware an additional fee of £61.10 is required for the advertisement of some planning applications. This will not apply if the planning application affects a Conservation Area, the setting of a Listed Building or is a householder development. This advertisement fee will be requested after the application has been registered and checked.

Information, drawings and documents

To help ensure that you have included all the relevant information with your application, we have produced printable checklists.

What documents should my application comply with?

Planning applications are determined primarily by ensuring the proposals accord with:

We aim to raise the standard of design quality in built environment when determining planning applications, to ensure Perth & Kinross is seen as a welcoming, successful and creative place.

We will not grant permission for poor quality or inappropriate design. High quality designs, whether or not they are contemporary interpretations or traditional styles, are encouraged where you can demonstrate that you have taken into consideration the existing surroundings.

We believe sustainable developments achieved through close relations between innovation, conservation and regeneration; balancing dynamic change on the one hand with fossilisation on the other; creating place recognised for its heritage but also for its vitality and vision.

Community Engagement

Before submitting your application you should consider the benefits that early consultation or engagement with the community could have on your development. Effective engagement with the public can lead to better plans, better decisions and more satisfactory outcomes and can help avoid delays in the planning process. Read our icon Guidelines for Developers and Individuals on Engagement [570Kb] for helpful tips and guidance on how engagement can help you.

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