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PKC Story

Find out about the history of Perth & Kinross Council, what we do and our vision for the future.

Where to start?

Let's start at the beginning. Perthshire & Kinross-shire have had a joint County Council since 1929 and following a number of changes Perth & Kinross Council evolved in 1996. Perth & Kinross Council is renowned as a high performing, successful Council and this success is attributed to strong leadership, a focus on what's important and making the right decisions for the people of Perth and Kinross.

The future

Our vision is of a confident and ambitious Perth and Kinross, to which everyone can contribute and all can share. To achieve our vision we will build relationships and community partnerships built on trust and mutual respect. We are leaders for change and continually challenge ourselves to deliver better outcomes for the people of Perth and Kinross. We support each other, welcome creativity and ideas and build confidence in each other to reach our potential.

The Perth and Kinross Offer

PK Offer
The Perth and Kinross Offer aims to enable everyone in Perth and Kinross to play their part in making this a fairer place for all. It will mean different things to different people; new way of working that will help individuals, communities and businesses to share their ideas, skills and connections. Everyone in our active and diverse communities, every person, every group and every organisation, from our independent retailers, our gyms, our Firefighters, to our Bloom Groups, our schools, our NHS, our cyclists, our amazing third sector groups. Everyone has something to Offer.

This work had already started before the pandemic, but the response to it has proved that we can do things differently and introduce change quickly when necessary. It has also highlighted the talent within our communities with a real willingness to help and a wealth of local knowledge and community connections.  In doing all of this, we need to remember that 'one size does not fit all': what is appropriate in the city centre may not be appropriate in our small towns, and what is appropriate in our small towns may not be appropriate in our rural villages and outlying areas. So we want to make sure that when we are designing our services, we listen carefully to our residents and businesses who use those services and who pay for them—involving people in decisions that affect them will lead to making better decisions and getting better results, and will help us all to make Perth and Kinross an even better place to live and work.

Last modified on 11 December 2020

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