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Changing your address

You must notify us in writing if you change address as a Housing or Council Reduction claimant, regardless of the move being permanent or temporary.

It is important that in order to prevent overpayments of benefit/reduction from occurring, you advise us as soon as possible. 

Considering moving

There is a maximum amount of Housing Benefit payable under Local Housing Allowance.

Change of address

When you are changing address, you must complete a change of address form (PDF) [426KB] .

If you have not moved into your new home yet you must tell us the date that you expect to move into your new address. Once you have actually moved into your new address, you must confirm in writing the date that you moved. You cannot be awarded Housing and/or Council Tax Reduction until you start living in the property.

Supporting evidence

If you have moved or you are moving to a property which you are renting from a Housing Association or Private Landlord, you will be required to provide proof of rent when you submit your completed change of address form.

As proof of rent we accept either:

  1. your original lease (not a photocopy) which has been signed by yourself and your landlord, or
  2. if you do not have a lease, use a Rent Details form (PDF) [189KB] .
Last modified on 07 July 2021

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