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Free period products in Perth and Kinross

We're working with partners to make free, high-quality period products available in a wide range of venues across Perth and Kinross.

Why are period products being supplied for free?

Those who menstruate should not have to pay for products. Period products can be expensive, and the Scottish Government aim to alleviate this financial pressure by funding local authorities to provide free period products.

The scheme also aims to reduce the stigma surrounding periods through education and awareness raising, whilst respecting individual dignity. Products will be made accessible without the need to ask for them or justify your need.

Where can I pick up free period products?

In Perth and Kinross, products are available free-of-charge in a variety of locations, including: GP practices, schools and community campus buildings; sports and leisure facilities; public toilets; museums and libraries; and a number of third sector and charity premises.

You can find your nearest pick-up point on our free period products locations map or on the Pick Up My Period app.

Who can access these products?

Facilities have been asked to make these products available in all toilets (female, male, gender neutral and disabled) to enable you to collect products on behalf of yourself, a family member, a friend or someone you care for. Please take as many products as you need - this scheme is for everyone.

How are Perth and Kinross Council participating?

Perth and Kinross Council have been supplying free period products in various locations in communities and school settings since 2018, but up until now this has been voluntary.

As part of the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Act 2021, from mid-August 2022, the Council are legally required to:

  • make products reasonably easy to obtain in both communities and school settings
  • respect the dignity of those obtaining the products
  • offer a reasonable choice of different types of period products

In addition to this, the Council must produce a Free Period Products - Statement of Intent (Word doc) [92KB] to outline how we will meet the above duties and take forward this initiative. The Statement of Intent will be annually reviewed and updated as necessary.

If you have any questions about this initiative, suggestions for where you would like to see free period products stocked or are a venue willing to host free period products, please contact the Community Planning Team at All enquires will be treated with the upmost confidentiality.

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Last modified on 23 August 2023

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