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Cost of living advice - rent and mortgage

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Support for Council tenants

The Council's Housing Service has put aside money to help tenants who are finding it difficult to pay their rent. If you are a Council tenant please contact your locality housing team if you are struggling to pay your rent or bills. We can offer a wide range of practical help - you may even qualify for financial support towards your housing costs.

Call your Locality Housing Team on 01738 476000 (Option 2) or visit the rent arrears support page. You can also text the word MONEY to 62277 if you feel like you're struggling to pay your rent and bills. A member of our staff will call you back to see what we can do to help.

Help for private renters

Perth & Kinross Council has set up a fund to provide grants to tenants who have fallen behind with their rent and who may become homeless as a result of this. The funding is available until 31st March 2024. The grants do not have to be repaid and are available to tenants in private-rented accommodation.  

The grants will help tenants that have struggled financially as a result of the Cost of Living Crisis, allowing them to reduce or pay off their rent arrears.

The scheme is designed to be flexible but there is some eligibility criteria:

  • Grants can be used to make a full or partial payment of arrears depending on individual circumstances.
  • Grants will be targeted towards current tenants who are at risk of becoming homeless and do not have any other way of clearing the arrears.
  • Payments will be made to landlords rather than tenants on the strict condition that the payment will be used to credit the tenant's rent account and that any ongoing proceedings to end the tenancy will be ceased.

This is a new and time-limited scheme, and we are working to develop procedures for the administration of these grants which will ensure that funding is targeted towards supporting households who are at the greatest risk of becoming homeless.

This page will be updated as soon as more details are available. In the meantime if you have a general enquiry about the scheme, you can email   

Discretionary Housing Payment

Visit our Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) webpage for information about who is eligible and how to apply.

Home Owners' Support Fund

If you are a home owner and you are in danger of losing your home because you cannot pay the mortgage, you may qualify for support from the Scottish Government.

Worrying About Money?

If you are struggling to make ends meet advice and support is available.

Last modified on 25 April 2024

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