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Digital Perth and Kinross 2023-2027

Digital Strategy - Foreword

Our innovative and ethical digital thinking contributes to making Perth and Kinross the best place in Scotland to live life well, learn, work, do business and relax.

Digital is essential to prosperity and quality of life, for people and place: it is a fundamental enabler for a thriving, greener Perth and Kinross economy, connected people and communities; and ensuring high-quality Council services are available when and where they are needed. 

Our reliance on technology has never been more visible than over the last few years. Since 2020, accelerated adoption of digital ways of working has helped us meet a unique succession of new and emerging customer, community and business demands. Increasingly, digital solutions are helping people engage with (and deliver) Council services; protect our vulnerable natural environment; stay connected; learn, work, do business and relax in Perth and Kinross. 

Building on successes achieved in the last few years and working closely with our digital partners in Scottish Government, Health, Education Scotland and the public and voluntary sectors, we are ambitious to ensure our people and communities sit at the heart of a collaborative, digitally connected alliance of partners and organisations. In paving the way for more joined-up, accessible digital services, designed around the needs of service users, we are already aligned to key messages from the Scottish Government's 2021 Digital Strategy: How Scotland Will Thrive in a Digital World. 

We know we can use digital to tackle current challenges: targeting limited resources to those in most need; making sure people across Perth and Kinross are digitally connected and confident; working towards net zero climate targets; attracting high-quality/high-wage, greener jobs into the area; becoming ever more efficient in the face of continuing financial pressures. We also understand that even as our digital infrastructure and services become increasingly mature, we need to match the relentless pace of change by continuously evolving our digital and data skills, thinking, leadership, talent and capacity: standing still is now the equivalent of falling back. Prioritisation of our finite resources - people, skills and expertise, physical assets, time, money - will require compromise to achieve this successfully. The need for bold digital leadership that upholds 'One Council' values, consistently applies our digital standards and rallies behind the ambitions and objectives of Digital Perth and Kinross, has never been greater. However, with our sound digital foundations, growing digital expertise and experience, and streamlined governance we can look forward to the next five years with confidence. 

Digital can deliver positive sustained change and better outcomes for our people and places: we are committed to redesigning our services with, for and around the people who use them. This is the digital 'Perth and Kinross Offer' in action.

The need for bold digital leadership has never been greater.

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