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Digital Perth and Kinross 2023-2027

Digital Strategy - Becoming digital Perth and Kinross

Scotland's future will be forged in a digital world. It's a world in which data and digital technologies are transforming every element of our nation and our lives - people, place, economy and government.

A Changing Nation: How Scotland Will Thrive in a Digital World - Scottish Government Digital Strategy 2021

Being connected and increasing digital participation sits at the heart of becoming Digital Perth and Kinross.

We know that currently 87.9% of residential and business premises in Perth and Kinross have superfast broadband - just over 7% below the average for Scotland (95.1%). The cost and quality of connectivity and lack of confidence in using digital technologies are key challenges for people across Perth and Kinross getting online. 

Perth and Kinross is also flagged as one of the areas of Scotland at particular risk of job losses through machine automation and use of Artificial Intelligence. Fibre/superfast broadband and growing digital skills are increasingly important for attracting technology-based jobs to this area and tackling existing inequalities. Digital Perth and Kinross aligns with the aims 
of the Perth and Kinross Economic Wellbeing Plan for increasing access for all, to digital skills at all levels, and encouraging investment in new clean growth industries such as renewable energy. 

As connectivity across Perth and Kinross continues to improve, we have demonstrated just how digital and innovative we can be: we have successfully designed new ways of working overnight; delivered these services safely at pace; and adapted and upskilled our people, all while continuing to meet the evolving needs of the most vulnerable in our communities.

The Council's online service platform now provides more than 100 online services to people, communities, businesses and internally to employees. Our mobile working platform gives field workers, such as care at home staff and housing repairs officers, trusted, consistent access to the real-time information they need on the move.

We are building on these practical digital achievements; harnessing our evolving expertise and experience and igniting our digital curiosity to find ambitious new, joined up local responses to emerging challenges and opportunities. We don't use Digital to make things easy, we use it to make a real difference.

Digital offers us a dynamic combination of opportunity, challenge, change and solution. It embraces our culture, our approaches for adopting new technologies, and shapes our thinking around leadership, skills and different ways of working. If the life of the last Digital Strategy is typical, we will see seismic change over the next 5 years. Emerging local initiatives, such as the Council's Transformation and Change programme, the Working in partnership with communities and a refreshed Corporate Plan, will redefine how we are organised; how we work and how we prioritise our key resources. 

Within this complex context, our Strategy sets out our digital Ambitions - the key areas in which we will use digital and IT to make a difference over the next five years.

Doing it digitally makes a real difference across Perth and Kinross

  • Data analytics and intelligence driving better decision-making
  • Digital regeneration and revitalisation for a vibrant economy: attracting investment/creating quality jobs
  • Changing demographics: ageing population and increasing demand
  • Changing role of high streets/digital commerce and business for the future
  • Connecting digitally/working smarter to reduce energy consumption
  • Fibre and superfast connectivity across a geographically diverse and rural region
  • Diversity, equality and inclusion: making sure no one is left behind

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