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Digital Perth and Kinross 2023-2027

Digital Strategy - Our digital ambitions

Perth and Kinross is ambitious about using digital to make a positive difference for our people, partners and place and our organisation and services.

These digital ambitions align with our Corporate PlanFinancial Strategy and Transformation and Change Strategy by identifying practical actions that contribute meaningfully towards the Council's comprehensive planning environment. They also reflect the spirit of the Perth and Kinross Offer for building an even better Perth and Kinross and the aims of the Council's digital learning and teacher; economic wellbeing; and climate change agendas.

People, partners and place

Smart Perth and Kinross

  • IoT is supporting better decision-making - enabling us to evolve services from reactive to proactive to prevention
  • New 'wearable' technologies are supporting people to live independently and safely for longer at home

Placing communities and the citizen at the heart of how we work

  • One front door: consolidation of customer services around a shared set of common tools and processes
  • Online services platform used to move more services online for anytime/anywhere access
  • Standard, secure approach in place for people to confirm their personal identity where required
  • Service users and communities engaged meaningfully in codesign
  • Accessibility and inclusion built in as standard to ensure everyone who wants to can access our online services 
  • Change shaped using the Scottish Approach to Service Design and Digital Scotland Service Standards

Tackling the climate challenge

  • Impact on the environment and energy is incorporated into our planning around digital solutions and contributing to net zero targets
  • IoT used meaningfully to monitor and reduce property and energy costs
  • Remote access solutions are enabling productive hybrid and home working, reducing travel and informing choices around physical offices
  • Energy efficiency is a core criterion when identifying digital device standards
  • Sustainable procurement and shared systems are driving one Council approaches
  • Remote switch on/off to reduce energy demand

Everyone connected

  • Continuing participation in national schemes to deliver reliable fibre broadband and 4G/5G coverage for all in Perth and Kinross
  • People/communities at risk of digital exclusion are identified and targeted for support
  • Local Digital Inclusion Fund supporting community projects
  • People have access, within easy to reach community spaces, to internet-enabled devices, connectivity and help to get online 
  • Digital Champions Network is providing meaningful support to people and communities keen to get online
  • External sources of funding to tackle digital exclusion optimised

Connected places

  • Fibre and superfast broadband: improved connectivity driving growth in digital business
  • Tay Cities Deal delivering a better connected Perth and Kinross digital infrastructure 
  • Reaching 100% (R100) Programme improving connectivity/broadband speeds 
  • Open Data supporting digital business growth and development
  • Vibrant Perth and Kinross digital marketplace: virtual and physical networks, incubators, and meet-ups for exchanging ideas, influencing change and making connection

Perth and Kinross digital welcome

  • Opportunities for user generated signposting/content encouraging visitor footfall
  • Visitor experiences are enriched via the creative use of sustainable digital technologies
  • Visitors and residents know how/where to access publicly available Wi-Fi services and information about Perth and Kinross attractions and events
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion sit at the heart of the Council's website design

Organisation and services

Data and analytics

  • Information is used confidently to inform decision-making and target services at those most in need
  • A single source of the truth is created by safely joining our data sets up 
  • Information is made simple, accessible and easy to understand
  • Customers tell us once: seamless data flows between systems 
  • Standard data roles, responsibilities and processes in place for improved governance
  • Common identifiers/joined-up data being used across the Council: one view of place, organisation, budgets, employees, customer and incidents
  • Certified data and analytics learning pathways aligned to roles
  • Standard Power BI and ArcGIS analytic platforms used consistently for business intelligence 
  • Overall Data Literacy of Perth and Kinross Council is improved

Securing and accessing our information assets

  • Significantly enhanced security, flexibility and resilience through delivery of a fit for the future IT network model
  • Preventative monitoring and intervention via a mature Cyber Security Operations Centre
  • Increased staff cyber awareness and resilience 
  • Perth and Kinross Council Cloud Framework/Playbook positively influencing safe, consistent use of cloud solutions

Smarter working

  • Elected members are using digital technologies to engage with constituents to make the democratic process more open and visible
  • Always learning culture: continuing, accessible support to grow digital skills and data literacy. Focus on growing staff's creative skills (low-code application development, process automation and business intelligence) rather than consumptive skills (finding and using applications/information) to encourage innovation, automation, streamlining and sharing
  • Staff equipped appropriately to suit their workstyle; integrated telephony; video conferencing in hybrid meeting rooms and data secure in the cloud 
  • Microsoft 365 environment is optimised for all staff 
  • Staff's data, digital and technical skills are valued and targeted where they can make the greatest impact, regardless of service boundaries; multi-disciplinary teams the norm for driving technology-enabled change initiatives

Digital classroom: helping our children and young people to achieve their full potential

  • Current digital workspace (including Wi-Fi/broadband) reviewed/redesigned for a fit for the future digital learning environment
  • Scottish Government's 'device per learner' initiative delivered

Protecting and caring for our most vulnerable people

  • New social care platform implemented to improve health and social care self-serve choices/marketplace visibility
  • Single shared electronic patient/care record
  • Continuous collaboration/closer alignment with health, community planning partners and other public sector bodies: sharing/joining up systems and information wherever practical

These ambitions are our overarching vision for firmly establishing Perth and Kinross as a digital region. Underlying programmes and plans will be required to articulate specific operational actions for their delivery: however Digital Perth and Kinross stands as the anchor point, back to which our decision-making and digital activities must be tied. This ensures we are connected together as an organisation and able to connect meaningfully with communities and partners in the digital life of Perth and Kinross.

Perth and Kinross is ambitious about using digital to make a positive difference.

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