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Strategic priorities for culture

Perth and Kinross is at the heart of Scotland, and the heart of Scotland's story. It is one of the most diverse parts of the country, with the ancient City of Perth and 6 large towns alongside vast, wild landscapes and the magnificent River Tay. It is home to the Kingdom of Alba and the crowning place of ancient Kings, and the 20th century Scottish Cultural Renaissance took root here.

Perth & Kinross Council delivers public services across the fourth largest geographical area in Scotland, to nearly 150,000 people and one of the fastest growing populations in Scotland. Working with partners and communities, we fund and support culture of all kinds across the area.

Creative Perth and Kinross 2016-2021

We want to achieve these key strategic outcomes for culture, as our contribution to the icon Community Plan (Local Outcomes Improvement Plan) 2017-2027 [10Mb]:

  • Sustainable economic growth: a leading leisure and business tourism offer in Scotland which supports the local economy.
  • Tackling inequalities: better health, social and economic outcomes for everyone in Perth and Kinross.
  • Empowered communities: supporting culture and sport initiatives to grow and succeed as part of vibrant local communities
  • Lifelong learning: supporting individuals and families through Early Years, formal, adult and community learning.

Our strategic priorities for 2016-2021 are set out in icon Strategic Priorities for Culture 2016 [624Kb]. A icon Gaelic translation [693Kb] is also available.