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Allotments and Growing Spaces

There are over 30 existing community gardens, allotments, orchards and other growing spaces throughout Perth and Kinross

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a great way of producing good and low cost food.  Community growing spaces such as allotments, gardens and orchards involve healthy exercise, promote social contacts and contribute to the retention of traditional skills. They also provide valuable green space in built up areas, contributing to climate change mitigation and habitat creation for the wildlife of the region.

Have a look at our Food Growing Storymap where you'll find information on opportunities near you as well as advice for those who are interested in setting up a new food growing project.  You can use this form to register your interest if you're looking to have your own food growing space or allotment.

The Council is committed to supporting groups who want to start up a community growing space and those who are already established. We can help find potential new growing spaces, advise on how to set up and get started, obtaining funding, knowledge sharing and networking.  Further support for those planning to form their own growing group may be found on our page of useful resources.

Allotments and growing spaces - Existing growing spaces

Perth and Kinross Council has a vision to increase the provision of allotments and other opportunities for people to grow their own food, thereby promoting healthier, more sociable and sustainable lives.

Allotments and growing spaces - Funding

There are a number of possible funding sources for help when setting up an allotment, community garden or other growing project.

Allotments and growing spaces - Food Growing Strategy

Under the guidance of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 the Council has prepared a new Food Growing Strategy.

Allotments and growing spaces - Useful resources

There are many groups and organisations which can offer advice and support and may be of interest to those involved in allotments and community gardens.

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