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Play areas

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Play area closures - Covid-19 update

Play areas are now open and available for use in line with Scottish Government guidance. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, please respect physical distancing and remember to clean hands after use of the play equipment.

Our public parks are still available for taking daily exercise, however, please do remember that gatherings of more than two are restricted to household members only.

Other paths in your area are available to use, however, please avoid driving and follow the advice to stay local.

We have more than 150 equipped play areas throughout Perth and Kinross where youngsters can enjoy active play and parents can meet one another.  Use our map to find your nearest play area.

Play areas are generally designed to cater for the ages of 4 to 14 years. Different items of play equipment are designed to be more suited to the age groups of 4 to 8  years or  8 to 14 years, these items are usually grouped together within the wider play areas. Seating is provided in all parks and some with picnic benches.

Play areas in Perth & Kinross are classified into the following four types according to location and extent of equipment:

  • Premier Play Areas which are generally within Destination Parks
  • Neighbourhood Play Areas
  • Local Play Areas (ages 4-8 only)
  • Rural Play Areas

 The Council aims to :

  • provide a stimulating play environment in an attractively landscaped setting that is fun to use, and pleasant to look at.
  • ensure that children can get safely from where they live to where they play.
  • provide a range of active and imaginative play equipment for the full range of children who are likely to use it.

Improving play areas

Perth and Kinross Council works with communities to refurbish and improve play areas. We have an ongoing programme of play area upgrades and are always keen to have input from communities. Please take a look at the Play Area Improvements page where there are a number of play area engagement activities going on at present that you can become involved in.

If you want to improve your local playground please first discuss ideas with other people in your community, including the local community council, and think about ways of raising funds to finance the proposal. Typically a community-led playground project will take two to three years to bring about.

Maintenance of play areas

The safety of equipment in play areas are checked and playgrounds cleaned on a regular basis to ensure play areas are safe, well maintained and pleasant to use.

How you can help

If you notice any damage or vandalism to equipment, you can report this online or telephone the Customer Service Centre on 01738 476476 with the following details:

  • Location of the play area;
  • Details of damaged / vandalised play equipment;
  • When you noticed damage happened.

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