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Recycling Centre Permits

A Recycling Centre Permit is required for any commercial type vehicles that uses Recycling Centres or the Friarton Weighbridge

Re-Opening of Friarton Weighbridge and the Recycling Centres after lockdown

Please note: If you are intending on using Friarton Weighbridge please be aware that a temporary road closure will be in place preventing access from Edinburgh Rd. The alternative route is A912 Edinburgh Rd - Marshall Pl - Shore Rd - Friarton Rd.

  • From 1 June 2020, Commercial Customers can use the Friarton Weighbridge (paying by card), but they must display their Recycling Permit on their vehicle's front windscreen or display their tablet featuring their electronic permit through their windscreen.
  • In phase 2 (the date of which is yet to be confirmed), Commercial Customers (using pre-paid vouchers) and Domestic Exemption Permit-holders can use PKC Recycling Centres but they must display their Recycling Permit on their vehicle's front windscreen or display their tablet featuring their electronic permit through their windscreen.

Apply for a Recycling Permit

You must apply for a permit if you are:

  • a business or landlord who currently, or intend to,:
    • recycle materials at a Recycling Centre
    • dispose of / recycle other chargeable materials at Recycling Centres or Friarton Weighbridge
  • a householder using a commercial type vehicle (vans, trailers 6ft long or over and horse boxes) to access Recycling Centre

You can find out more about the types of permits available to access our Recycling Centres:

The application process can take up to 28 days however a temporary permit will be provided to allow access during this period. 

Applications can take longer to process during exceptionally busy periods, during the Christmas closedown period or if further information is required. 

In order to ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible, please ensure that you provide all information asked for throughout the application process.

Apply for a Recycling Centre permit

Renew your Recycling Centre Permit

If your Commercial Recycling Centre Permit expired on 31 March 2020, please renew it online to continue using the Recycling Centres.

If you are a Landlord and require a permit, please apply for a Commercial Permit.

Permits are paperless and available to download and save to a tablet for displaying to the Site Attendant. Customers will be able to download and print their permit (A4 in size) for attaching to the inside of a vehicle's front windscreen.

Domestic Exemption Permit holders are not required to renew their permits annually, and only need to contact us when you change your vehicle or change your circumstances.

Renew your Recycling Centre Permit

Change of vehicle

If you have changed your vehicle, let us know your new vehicle details so we can issue you a new permit.

You will require your permit number and previous vehicle registration in order to complete this form. This information can be obtained from your current permit, along with the make, model and colour of your new vehicle.

Notify us of a change of vehicle

Accessing Recycling Centres

Please note that permit holders accessing Recycling Centres with a vehicle and/or trailer of a length that is liable to cause delay or disruption to the operation of the site will be asked to wait until such time as the site can accommodate them.  This may be the case particularly during the busy periods of 10am-12pm and 3pm-5pm Monday to Sunday.  For information on opening days and times, visit our Recycling Centres pages.

Please note that all Commercial Permit holders disposing of waste and recycling (general, garden, inert or timber) at Friarton, Perth must use the weighbridge at the Depot, not the Recycling Centre.

Recycling Centre Payment Policy

Businesses and organisations wishing to dispose of chargeable wastes are reminded of the following policies:

  • Those paying for chargeable waste must either purchase pre-paid vouchers or use the Friarton Weighbridge.
  • Please note that if we have to issue an invoice, it will be for a full load regardless of how much material you are disposing of.
  • The most accurate and convenient way to pay is using the Friarton Weighbridge. This will allow you to pay for exactly what you have disposed of using  a credit or debit card.

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