Application process

Find out what happens to your application once it's been received and who's involved in the decision process.

What is the planning application process?

Once your application has been received and validated, it will be allocated to a planning officer who will start to consider your proposal. The process is explained more fully in icon What Happens to My Planning Application [51Kb]

Planning applications fall into one of 3 categories. The decision process and the roles involved are different for each category:

  • icon Local Development [199Kb] includes extensions to existing houses and small developments involving uses such as housing, industry and retail. The statutory period for determining these applications is 2 months.
  • icon Major Development [360Kb] comprises developments of 50 houses or more, large retail developments and certain waste, transport and energy related developments. The statutory period for determining these applications is 4 months.
  • National Developments are mainly large public works and are identified in the Scottish Government's National Planning Framework.

Will there be conditions attached to my planning permission?

We may grant permission subject to conditions. This is explained more fully in our  icon Planning Conditions [74Kb] guidance note.

When can I start my development?

Generally, unless your Decision Notice says otherwise, you can begin the development at any time within three years of the granting of planning permission. If you have not started any work by then, the permission will expire.

Some permissions are issued with conditions that need to be met before any work can start. Details of these conditions will be included with the Decision Notice.

You must notify us once you have decided the date the development is to start, a   icon Notice of Initiation of Development [53Kb] for this is supplied with the Decision Notice. Failure to notify the planning authority before work commences is a breach of planning control.

When you complete a development you should similarly give notice of completion to the planning authority. A   icon Notice of Completion of Development [53Kb] for this is also supplied with the Decision Notice.

For certain classes of development there must be a   icon Notice of Ongoing Development [15Kb] displayed during the development. If this applies to your application, further information will be provided with the Decision Notice.


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