Apply for Council Tax Reduction (CTR) and/or Housing Benefit (HB)

You may be able to get Council Tax Reduction if you are liable for Council Tax. If you also rent your home, you may also get Housing Benefit.

Full Service Universal Credit (FSUC) rollout

If you are applying for help to cover the cost of your rent, you may need to claim Universal Credit (UC).

The table below details the areas across Perth & Kinross where housing costs can only be met via Universal Credit. The exceptions to this are if you are living in supported accommodation or you have three children or more.

Date of FSUC rolloutPostcodesTowns & villages
June 2017

FK14 7, FK15 0, FK15 9, FK19 8 or FK21 8

Braco, Greenloaning, and Powmill
8th November 2017DD2 5Longforgan and Invergowrie
6th December 2017

KY13 3, KY13 8, KY13 9, KY4 0, KY5 0 or KY6 3

Auchmuir Bridge, Blairadam, Gairney Bank, Gairneybridge, Glenfarg, Glenlomond, Keltybridge, Kinnesswood, Kinross, Maryburgh, Milnathort, Rumbling Bridge, Scotlandwell

Please note that Universal Credit does not help towards Council Tax costs and therefore you should continue to apply for Council Tax Reduction, below, if you live in any of these areas.

Find out if you are eligible for Council Tax Reduction / Housing Benefit 

Please complete our online Housing Benefit / Council Tax Reduction calculator

You may also wish to check out if there are any additional ways in which your Council Tax bill can be further reduced through the many  Council Tax discounts and exemptions that exist.  

How to apply for Council Tax Reduction / Housing Benefit 

Complete our online application form 

If you have already used the online Benefits Calculator, please use your saved reference number.

Alternatively, you can request an application form by phoning 01738 476049 or by emailing

Bands E to H

From 1 April 2017, the Council Tax Reduction scheme has been expanded to potentially provide further assistance to those in bands E to H.  If you are in a band E to H property and;

  • You have less than £16,000 in savings / capital and;
  • You  have less than £321 per week (net) income (if you are a single person with no dependants) or;
  • You have less than £479 per week (net) household income (for couples or single person with dependants),

You may qualify for assistance towards your increase in Council Tax for your band E to H property.

If you already receive Council Tax Reduction, you do not need to reapply.

Already in receipt of Housing Benefit?

To apply for a Council Tax Reduction if you are already in receipt of Housing Benefit, please complete a  icon Council Tax Reduction declaration form [215Kb] form. You will also need to complete this form if you have made an application for Council Tax Reduction through the Department for Work and Pensions when making a claim for any of the following benefits:

Difficulty claiming?

If you are having difficulties making an application for either Council Tax Reduction and/or Housing Benefit, please phone us on 01738 476049 to make an application.

Making a decision

Once your application is received, we will carry out a full assessment of your circumstances and may contact you for more information.  Once we have received all the information required, we aim to make a decision on your entitlement within 14 days.  

Universal Credit

Universal Credit will be introduced gradually so if you are already getting benefits, you will continue to receive them and you will not need to claim Universal Credit meantime. 

Contact details

Council Tax Reduction & Housing Benefit

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Tel 01738 476049