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Apply for Council Tax Reduction (CTR) and/or Housing Benefit (HB)

You may be able to get Council Tax Reduction if you are liable for Council Tax. If you also rent your home, you may also get Housing Benefit.

Find out if you are eligible for Council Tax Reduction / Housing Benefit 

Please contact us on 01738 476049 to check your potential entitlement. 

Please note that all inbound and outbound calls to our team are recorded for quality and monitoring purposes.

You may also wish to check out if there are any additional ways in which your Council Tax bill can be further reduced through the many Council Tax discounts and exemptions that exist. 

How to apply for Council Tax Reduction / Housing Benefit 

Complete our online application form 

It is advised that you complete, finalise and submit your application as soon as possible.  This will enable our team to reach a decision sooner

Alternatively, you can contact us for assistance by phoning 01738 476049 or by emailing

Please note that all inbound and outbound calls to our team are recorded for quality and monitoring purposes.

Housing Benefit can only be applied for by claimants or couples who have (both) reached the qualifying age for State Pension Credit or claimants residing in Temporary or Supported Accommodation.

Please note that Universal Credit does not help towards Council Tax costs and therefore you should continue to apply for Council Tax Reduction.

Council Tax Reduction (CTR) - For Universal Credit (UC) Customers

From April 2022, the calculation method for CTR is changing for customers in receipt of UC.  CTR will continue to be means tested however there are changes to the amount of UC which is taken into account in the assessment for CTR.  Unearned income and capital will continue to be taken into account however earnings disregards will be applied meaning less earnings will be taken into account.  The new assessment will be based on an 'applicable amount'.

Those who already receive Council Tax Reduction do not need to apply again and existing Council Tax Reduction entitlement will be recalculated from April 2022.  For more information on the changes to Council Tax Reduction from April 2022, contact us on 01738 476049.

If you have claimed Universal Credit, and you do not already receive CTR, you can apply for Council Tax Reduction by completing our online form:

Apply for Council Tax Reduction for Universal Credit

Council Tax Reduction - Council Tax Bands E to H

In April 2017, the Council Tax Reduction scheme was expanded to potentially provide further assistance to those in bands E to H, subject to income and capital thresholds

Council Tax Reduction (CTR) - For Housing Benefit (HB) Customers

To apply for a Council Tax Reduction if you are already in receipt of Housing Benefit, please complete a  Council Tax Reduction declaration form (PDF) [214KB]  form. You will also need to complete this form if you have made an application for Council Tax Reduction through the Department for Work and Pensions when making a claim for Pension Credit.

Difficulty claiming?

If you are having difficulties making an application for either Council Tax Reduction and/or Housing Benefit, please phone us on 01738 476049 to make an application.

Making a decision

Once your application is received, we will carry out a full assessment of your circumstances and may contact you for more information.  Once we have received all the information required, we aim to make a decision on your entitlement within 14 days.  

Last modified on 29 February 2024

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