Health and Social Care Integration

Integration means delivering Social Care in a better way in the future. Over the coming years, GPs, hospitals, health workers, social care staff and others will increasingly work side-by-side to share information and take a much more co-ordinated approach to the way social care services are delivered.

What is integration?

Integration means that by co-ordinating the way in which we deliver Health & Social Care services; NHS Tayside, Perth & Kinross Council and our partners (voluntary and independent service providers) can develop better, more responsive and far more sustainable care models now and for the future.

This is about working together not just as care providers but also including the views and ambitions of care users, their families and carers. Only with this approach can we successfully improve our service in the ways people want.

Why are health and social care services integrating?

This transformation is happening right across Scotland. Integration of adult health and social care is part of the Scottish Government's programme of reform to improve outcomes for adults who use health and social care services. The aim is to make sure that services are tailored to meet the particular needs of individuals and local communities.

The changes that are being made are in response to what people have been asking for - to make services more joined up, with better communication between service-providers and more flexible and tailored to suit the needs of the people who use the services.

What is happening in Perth and Kinross?

All Health Boards and Local Authorities are required to establish integrated partnership arrangements. In Perth and Kinross, the local authority and NHS Tayside have all chosen the body corporate model of integration which is the delegation of functions and resources by Health Boards and Local Authorities to an Integrated Joint Board.

An integrated budget will be established in each Integration Authority to support delivery of integrated functions.

In September 2015 Robert Packham took up the new post of Chief Officer for the Perth and Kinross Integration Joint Board for health and social care, the body which will now take forward integration work. The Chief Officer and the Integration Joint Board is overseeing the arrangements for the integration of adult health and social care services provided by NHS Tayside and Perth & Kinross Council, including those delivered in partnership with local third sector organisations. The  icon Perth and Kinross Integration Scheme [1006Kb] has now been approved by the Integration Joint Board.

The Integration Joint Board is made up of local elected members, non executive members of NHS Tayside Board, Third Sector representatives and officials from NHS Tayside and Perth & Kinross Council. Unpaid carers and people who use the services that are being integrated will also have an important role to play in the work of the Board.

The Integrated Joint Board has published its  icon Annual Accounts for the financial year ending March 31st 2016 [2Mb].

Strategic Commissioning Plan

A icon Perth and Kinross Strategic Commissioning Plan [2Mb] has been approved to show how integrated services will meet the needs of individuals and local communities, as well as the local and national outcomes. Each Integration Authority has to put in place a joint strategic commissioning plan for functions and budgets under its control.

We would like thank everyone who took time to contribute to the consultation process which helped finalise this plan. The views of local people are vital to help shape locally integrated services.

Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Report

The Integration Joint Board approved their icon Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Report [300Kb] at their meeting on 23 March 2016 with effect from 30 April 2016.

Explaining integration

John Walker, Deputy Chief Executive Corporate & Community Development Services for the Council, was the Interim Chief Officer for the Pathfinder Board which predated the Integration Joint Board. In the video below John explains more about Health and Social Care Integration and what this means for communities in Perth and Kinross.

Linda Dunion is the Vice Chair of NHS Tayside and is Vice Chair of the IJB. In this video, she explains a bit more about Health and Social Care Integration and the consultation process.

The Council's Housing & Health Convener and Chair of the Integrated Joint Board, Councillor Dave Doogan, explains what will be achieved by integrating health and social care in Perth and Kinross:

On 30 March 2015, the Council's Chief Executive, Bernadette Malone, provided an update to the Scottish Government's Health and Social Care Integration Directorate's 'Leading Integration to Deliver Better Outcomes' event.

More information

A public event was held earlier this year to discuss progress made on integration in Perth and Kinross. Here are some of the presentations shown at the event: