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Attendance Allowance

If you are State Pension age you could get extra money if you have personal care and/or supervision needs due to a physical or mental health problem.

  • Attendance Allowance is not means tested, is tax free and is not affected by any income or savings you have.
  • It is paid over and above whatever income you already have and can often increase your entitlement to any means tested benefits you may be entitled to.    
  • You do not have to have someone looking after you to qualify as long as you can show that the help you need is reasonably required. 
  • Attendance Allowance is normally paid to the disabled person however if someone provides you with care, they may be able to claim Carer Support Payment for looking after you.   
  • You have to wait 6 months from when your care needs began before you can get Attendance Allowance unless you are terminally ill and satisfy special rules. If  this is the case, Attendance Allowance can be paid straight away at the higher rate.  
  • If you are under State Pension age and have care needs or mobility problems, you will not be able to get Attendance Allowance but may be able to claim Adult Disability Payment (ADP) instead. 

How to claim Attendance Allowance

Complete an Attendance Allowance Claim Form (opens new window)

Alternatively, you can contact the Department for Work and Pension's (DWP's) Attendance Allowance Service Centre by phone on 0800 731 01 22 to request a claim form. 

How much is Attendance Allowance?

Attendance Allowance is payable at two rates as follows:

Lower Rate - If you have day time needs only OR if you have night time needs only then you could get the lower rate of Attendance Allowance. This is £68.10 per week from April 2023.  

Higher Rate - If you have both day time AND  night time needs or satisfy the special rules, you could get the higher rate of Attendance Allowance. This is £101.75 per week from April 2023.  

Qualifying conditions

To qualify for Attendance Allowance, you must satisfy one or both of the following day and/or night time conditions:  

Day time needsNight time needs

You need:

  • frequent attention throughout the day in connection with your bodily functions  OR
  • continual supervision throughout the day in order to avoid substantial danger to yourself or others 

You need:

  • prolonged or repeated attention at night in connection with your bodily functions  OR
  • another person to be awake for a prolonged period or at frequent intervals for the purpose of watching over you in order to avoid substantial danger to yourself or others

What happens if I have been turned down for Attendance Allowance?

If you have been turned down for Attendance Allowance or if you have received a decision that you are not happy about, you can ask for the decision to be looked at again. This is called a mandatory reconsideration.  If the decision is not revised in your favour, you can appeal against the decision

Last modified on 20 November 2023

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