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Green bin

Your green (non-recyclable general waste) bin should only be used to collect those items that cannot be recycled at the kerbside.

To check the waste and recycling collections your household receives, or to print off your collection calendar(s), please use our household collection date finder.

Where possible, householders are encouraged to use all recycling facilities available to them. This could be using the blue or brown collection services, or by using local Recycling centres and points.

Correct presentation of wheeled bins

Make sure your wheeled bin is put out at the agreed location by 7:30 am on the day of collection, and returned to your bin storage point by the end of the day:

  • Do not contaminate your recycling bins
  • Do not place plastic bags in either of your recycling bins. Plastic bags will be treated as contamination, and may result in your bin not being emptied
  • Do not overfill your bin and ensure that the lid is closed
  • Do not put out additional waste or recycling next to your bin as this is not permitted and will not be uplifted. Excess waste and recycling can be taken to your local recycling centre.

For more information on presenting wheeled bins at the kerbside, refer to the icon Waste Presentation Leaflet [217Kb].

Additional or replacement bins

You can apply for an additional green bin or request a replacement bin if your green bin is lost, stolen or damaged.

You can find further advice on how to reduce your waste by visiting the slim bin page.

Apply for an additional green bin or request a replacement green bin