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City Centre bin hubs

Perth City Centre's Recycling Service is being updated.

Bin hub

Bin hubs, introduced to replace the pink sack collection service in Perth City Centre, will soon be updated. In additional to the general waste containers, from Late November 2022 bin hubs will now include dry mixed recycling. Communal food waste recycling bins will also be located nearby. 

How do I find my nearest bin hub?

Enter your address details to find the location of your nearest Bin Hub. If you require further assistance, please call our Customer Service Centre on 01738 476476 or email

Why did the pink sack service change?

Bin Hubs were previously introduced to Perth City centre replacing the need for pink sacks which would sit on the street for collection creating several issues for both residents and businesses. These issues included:

  • Waste put out on the wrong day or over night lying in the street becoming an obstruction and eyesore
  • Sacks attract pests such as seagulls who often scatter the contents causing a huge amount of mess
  • Clusters of sacks can encourage illegal dumping which is costly to dispose of
  • Bad weather blowing sacks around, often causing them to spill their contents
  • Residents having to store waste in their property until collection day

Will I still receive an annual supply of pink sacks?

Residents will no longer require pink sacks, and are free to use ordinary bin bags for containing their waste being put in the communal containers.

Using Perth City Centre bin hubs

Residents are asked to place waste and recycling inside the bins, and not leave any on top, in front of or at the side of the containers. Doing so may prevent the bin being emptied.

Bin Hubs are for domestic use only. Commercial businesses or organisations are not permitted to dispose of waste or recycling in these containers, and doing so may attract a penalty notice. For information on disposing of commercial/business waste, please visit our commercial waste pages.

Dry Mixed Recycling 

For dry mixed recycling, please ensure when recycling is placed into the container it is flat, dry and loose. No plastic bags/bins bags should be used to contain recycling.

Materials that can be recycled are as follows:


✔ Paper

✔ Plastic Bottles

✔ Plastic Pots, Tubs, Trays and Punnets

✔ Cardboard

✔ Cans and Tins

✔ Food and Beverage Cartons


X Plastic Bags and Film

X Packets and Wrappers

X Food and Contaminated Packaging

X Clothing and Textiles

X Tissues, Paper Towels and Kitchen Roll

X Nappies

X Polystyrene

X Foil

Food waste recycling

For easy food waste recycling you can use a food waste caddy and liners to collect food waste in your household. You can receive a free food waste caddy and one roll of compostable liners by visiting a 'Kitchen caddy' near you. Compostable caddy liners can also be ordered through this link.

When recycling food waste please do not use plastic bags, instead line your caddy with compostable liners, newspaper or use it without a liner. 

Materials that can be recycled are as follows:


✔ Dairy and Eggs 

✔ Meat and Bones 

✔ Tea Bags and Coffee Grounds 

✔ Plate Scrapings 

✔ Fruit and Vegetables 

✔ Bread, Cake and Pastries 

✔ Rice and Pasta 

✔ Cooked Food 


Dog Waste



X Foil

X Plastic Packaging

X Cling Film

Access to recycling services for additional recycling needs

There are over 151 Recycling Points and 9 Recycling Centres across Perth and Kinross. Please find additional dry mixed recycling (cans, cardboard, cartons, paper and rigid plastics) facilities at A.K Bell, Carpenter Court, Matalan and Mill Street.

To find additional recycling facilities near you, use our find my nearest search tool.

Special uplifts for bulky waste uplifts

Bulky waste should not be left next to Bin Hubs. For information on how to donate or dispose of bulky waste items, please visit our special uplift page.

Last modified on 27 October 2023

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