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Renewable energy applications

What impact do renewable technologies have on Perth and Kinross?

There is a widespread consensus on the need to move towards sustainability in energy provision. Renewable energy technologies are diverse and, therefore, have very different effects upon the local environment. This means we need to balance the benefits and disadvantages of renewable energy development.

In Perth and Kinross, the renewable energy technologies that offer the greatest potential, at least in the short term, in addition to the existing large-scale hydro schemes, are wind energy, small-scale hydro, the use of forest residues and solar installations.

Modern wind energy technologies and developments offer opportunities in supporting and developing the economy of Perth and Kinross to our benefit. However, wind farms, especially on a large scale, may have significant local impacts on the environment.

What advice is there for wind energy planning applications?

The Local Development Plan Policy ER1 details what we expect renewable and low carbon energy applications to address. There is Supplementary Guidance on . However, we are currently producing updated Supplementary Guidance on . This guidance will help developers and communities bring forward renewable and low carbon energy proposals which are compatible with our natural and built environment. We will use this guidance to assess planning applications and s36 proposals to be determined by Scottish Ministers.

There is also a Landscape Capacity Study to inform planning for wind energy (DTA study), commissioned by Perth & Kinross Council in 2010.

For further advice on preparing a renewable or low carbon energy proposal, please visit the Planning Process and the Environmental Impact Assessment web pages.

What renewable energy applications have been made?

There is a Renewable Energy Proposals page which lists the significant applications we have received. For some of these applications the Council has commissioned further reports on the environmental impact of the proposals, these are also available.

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