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Windfarms - further environmental information

How do we minimise the environmental impact of windfarm developments?

We are required by Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) and NPPG 6 to make positive provision for renewable energy developments. However we are also required to ensure that the environment is protected.

The majority of windfarm applications are required to submit an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) with their planning application.

Reviews of Environmental Statements

The Council has commissioned several reviews of the EIA Environmental Statements (ES), these determine whether the ES adequately address the issues. The reviews also identify what additional work may need to be undertaken by the applicant to address any shortcomings and confirm the conclusions of the ES.

British Geological Survey hydrogeology reports

The reviews undertaken by the British Geological Survey (BGS) looked at:

  • effects on ground and surface waters
  • the long-term impact of the proposal on ground and surface waters
  • harm to human health
  • harm to the quality of aquatic ecosystems or terrestrial ecosystems dependent on groundwater
  • impairment or interference with amenities or other legitimate uses of the environment

In addition the studies suggest any mitigation measures necessary to protect the water environment.

New Acoustics Noise Reports

The reviews under taken by New Acoustics looked at the potential impact of noise of people.

You can view all of the reviews commission by the Council here, for copyright reasons some these are not available for printing.

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Cumulative Impacts on Dunning

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