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Schools - transport and trips

Free school transport is only available to pupils attending their catchment school and living more than two miles (primary) or three miles (secondary) from the school measured by the shortest available walking route.

Transport will be provided from a suitable point on the public highway.  This can be up to two miles (primary) or three miles (secondary) from the pupil's home.

Parents who have made successful placing request for their children at other schools of their choice have to make their own transport arrangements and meet the costs thereof.

Apply for free school transport

Apply online

Alternatively, application forms are available from any Perth & Kinross Council school or from Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth.

The deadline for submitting transport applications for school session 2024/2025 is Friday 10 May 2024. Applications received after this date will be considered after all other requests received prior to this date. Parents/guardians of Primary 7 pupils who will be transferring to their catchment secondary school (and who will be entitled to receive free school transport) should note that forms received after this date will not be processed in time for transport to be provided for the secondary school induction days which normally take place in June. Parents will be responsible for making their own transport arrangements until such time as late applications can be considered. 

Concessionary transport will be considered for session 2024/25. In accordance with the Council's Home to School Transport Policy, concessionary places will not be allocated until after the end of August to ensure that all entitled pupils have been allocated seats before allocating any concessionary places.

If I am refused school transport, can I appeal?

Parents of pupils who are refused free transport to their catchment school have the right to appeal to the Review Sub-Committee of the Lifelong Learning Committee, only on the grounds of safety or if transport is withdrawn.

Where appropriate, the Authority may provide free transport for pupils who attend a special school or specialist unit.

Replacement travel pass

If a travel pass is lost, damaged or stolen, a replacement can be ordered online below. A temporary travel pass will be issued by email which is valid for 1 week.

Order a replacement travel pass

There is a £5.00 charge for each replacement pass. The replacement will be issued via the child's school.

Last modified on 16 January 2024

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