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Participation Requests

Participation Requests provide an opportunity for people and groups to play a greater and more direct role in their community. A Participation Request is not a request for a service, or for information, it is a request to participate in a process to improve an outcome for your community, such as the quality of greenspaces or access to facilities.

Set out in the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 a Participation Request can be made by a 'community participation body'. This is a broad definition, which covers any representative group of community members and community councils.

A Participation Request can be made to the Council and other public bodies and groups can request that more than one public body is involved in responding to the request.

The animation below shows an example of how a participation request could work.

How do I make a Participation Request?

Groups are encouraged to contact the Council's Community Planning Team by emailing or phoning 0345 30 111 00 in the first instance and any group wishing to make a Participation Request are asked to fill out a Participation Requests Form (PDF) [154KB] , also available in word format (Word doc) [1MB] .

What do we do with Participation Requests?

The Council will acknowledge your request and pass it to the relevant service in the Council. The service has 30 working days to decide whether to approve or refuse the Participation Request. This can be extended to 45 working days if your request is made to more than one public body, or if more information is required.

If your request is approved, the Council will publish a Decision Notice confirming this and proposing how your group will be involved in an "Outcome Improvement Process." Your group can suggest a different method of involvement if you wish and if that is agreed, a new Decision Notice will be issued. The Outcome Improvement Process must start within 90 days of the publication of the Decision Notice.

If your request is refused, the Council will publish a Decision Notice explaining why. Your group has the right to appeal to the Council if you disagree with this decision.

A summary of this process can be found in the Participation Requests Flowchart (PDF) [117KB] .

Decision Notices

Below is a list of Decision Notices on valid Participation Requests.


At the end of the Outcome Improvement Process the service will write a report summarising the improvement which has been made and the role that your group has played. This report will be published and will help to inform the Council's Annual Report on Participation Requests.

Last modified on 16 June 2022

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