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Community empowerment

Community planning

Community Planning is how public bodies work together, and with local communities to design and deliver better services that make a difference to people's lives.

Action Partnerships

Local Action Partnerships is one of many way for communities to get involved in local decision making.

Community Asset Transfer

Community Asset Transfer (CAT) allows community groups to request ownership, leasing or access rights for Council-owned property as well property owned by other public bodies.

Participation Requests

Participation Requests provide an opportunity for people and groups to play a greater and more direct role in their community. A Participation Request is not a request for a service, or for information, it is a request to participate in a process to improve an outcome for your community, such as the quality of greenspaces or access to facilities.

Community Investment Fund

The Community Investment Fund for 2024/25 is now open and accepting applications. Since the first round in 2018/19, more than £2.4 million has been invested in over 500 projects.

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