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Food waste bin hubs

Food waste recycling bin hubs will be trialled in some towns across Perth and Kinross. These enable householders to recycle cooked and uncooked food waste.

Where can I find a food waste bin hub?  

Food waste bin hubs were introduced alongside Dry Mixed Recycling bins in Perth City Centre in 2022.

The Food Waste Recycling Service has been extended from July 2023 to include selected residents in Scone, Blairgowrie, Rattray, Crieff and Auchterarder.   

Additional food waste recycling bin hubs may be introduced in due course.   

How do I use a food waste bin hub?   

Residents can collect a food waste caddy for free. Compostable caddy liners can be purchased at local retailers and supermarkets.  

When recycling food waste please do not use plastic bags, instead line your caddy with compostable liners or wrap in newspaper. 

What can be recycled at food bin hubs? 

All cooked and uncooked food waste can be placed in the food waste recycling bin. Food needs to be taken out of its packaging.  

Materials that can be recycled are as follows:

✔ Dairy and Eggs  X Glass 
✔ Meat and Bones  X Dog Waste 
✔ Tea Bags and Coffee Grounds X Compostable packaging
✔ Plate Scrapings  X Liquids or Oils 
✔ Fruit and Vegetables  X Foil 
✔ Bread, Cake and Pastries X Plastic Packaging 
✔ Rice and Pasta  X Cling Film 
✔ Cooked Food  X Kitchen Roll  

The caddy liners are usually not strong enough to be carried without a kitchen caddy - there is a risk that the bag will split.    

Where to find the new communal food bin hubs

  • Blairgowrie Tesco Recycling Point
  • Crieff Co-op Recycling Point  
  • Leadenflower Car Park Recycling Point, Crieff 
  • King Street Car Park, Crieff (Dry mixed recyclables can be recycled here as well) 
  • Scone Park and Ride Recycling Point 
  • The Crown Inn Wynd Recycling Point, Auchterarder  

How do I report a problem with a food waste bin hub?

To report a problem, please email

I am worried about the amount of food waste that my household is creating

Find food waste reduction advice, including smart shopping tips and tasty recipes to make the make the most of leftover ingredients.

I would like to nominate a location for a new food waste bin hub

If you would like to see a Food Waste Bin Hub in your community, please email

Last modified on 06 July 2023

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