Community planning

An increasing proportion of services are now delivered jointly, with more than one organisation working together. This way we can achieve much more than we could as individual organisations working in isolation. Community Planning is the name that has been given to this process.

What is Community Planning?

Community Planning is about public, private and voluntary sector organisations coming together to plan and provide for the wellbeing of the communities that they serve.  It's about delivering better services by working together and sharing resources for the greater benefit of the community.  It is also about ensuring that people are able to influence the decisions of the organisations that serve them.

The ultimate aim of Community Planning is to make Perth and Kinross a better place to live, work and visit for everyone in all of our communities.  By working together to improve our health, safety, environment, economic prospects and learning opportunities, we can achieve so much more than we could by working in isolation.  And we're also far more likely to deliver the improvements in service that people in Perth and Kinross really want to see.

Our Community Planning Partners

The Perth and Kinross Community Planning Partnership leads the community planning process in our area and is responsible for providing strategic direction, agreeing priorities and managing performance.  The core partners involved are:

Community Plan (Local Outcomes Improvement Plan) 2017-2027

The Community Plan was approved by the Perth and Kinross Community Planning Partnership on 6 October 2017 and at the Council meeting on 4 October  2017. The Community Plan is interactive web-based Plan where you can discover our shared ambitions for Perth and Kinross. A printer friendly version of the Community Plan is also available.

The Perth and Kinross Community Plan (Local Outcomes Improvement Plan) 2017-2027 clearly articulates an ambitious vision for the future of our area, our communities and our families. It clearly describes how the Perth and Kinross Community Planning Partnership will achieve our shared ambition for excellence.

Delivering the Community Plan

Community Planning Partnership Board

The Community Planning Partnership Board provides the strategic leadership and direction of Community Planning across Perth & Kinross and scrutinises overall delivery progress.

Community Planning Partnership Executive Officers Group

The Community Planning Partnership Executive Officers Group (CPPEOG) is accountable to the CPP Board for overseeing delivery progress by the Outcome Delivery Groups against the strategic objectives and local outcomes set out in the Community Plan. It facilitates joint working across Community Planning Partners to ensure delivery remains on track; and recommend any action required to overcome barriers to delivery.

Outcome Delivery Groups

The Outcome Delivery Groups lead and are responsible for actions which support the delivery of the Community Plan across Perth and Kinross. They plan, oversee and are accountable for delivery by Community Planning Partners of key actions which support the relevant Community Plan objectives.

There are 5 Outcome Delivery Groups;

Community Empowerment Working Group

The Community Empowerment Working Group advises the Community Planning Partnership on involving and engaging with communities, aims to share best practice as to "what works" in community development, as well as advising on the effective use of community research and intelligence. Membership of the Community Empowerment Working Group is derived from a small number of extremely experienced individuals with a demonstrable track record in working with geographical communities and communities of interest.

Contact details

Community Planning Partnership

Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth, PH1 5GD
Tel 01738 477834