Practitioners Guide and Toolkit - Getting Our Priorities Right (GOPR)

Working together with Children, Young People and Families Affected by Problematic Alcohol and / or Drugs Use across Perth & Kinross.

Practitioner's Guide

icon The Practitioner's Guide [8Mb] provides information, advice and guidance to all staff working with children, young people and their families who may be affected by problematic alcohol and/or drug use. It also includes a list of references and electronic links to legislation, policy, local publications and useful weblinks and also includes electronic links to Checklists 1 - 9 further described below.

It is important that you understand the key role you have to play in keeping all children and young people safe from harm and/or abuse.

This Practitioner's Guide and Online Toolkit cannot in itself, protect and/or provide better outcomes for children, young people and families affected by problematic alcohol and/or drug use; however a competent, skilled and confident workforce, focussed on early identification, proportionate intervention; effective support, assessment and care planning can.  This Guide and Toolkit aims to support and promote that approach and to support your practice.

In practice, if you are worried or concerned about a child or young person's wellbeing, you should immediately alert your Line Manager/Supervisor.

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