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Planning enforcement

The majority of people adhere to the requirements of the statutory planning system and get the necessary planning permissions before starting work on any development. However, we do get complaints about some developments taking place without permission or contrary to a condition on a Decision Notice; these are known as breaches of planning control .

There are certain breaches that are a legal offence. For example, it is not an offence to carry out development without planning permission. It is however an offence to:

  • not to comply with enforcement notices
  • to carry out works (other than like-for-like repairs) to a Listed Building without Listed Building Consent
  • to carry out works to protected trees without the Council's written consent

Investigation and the planning enforcement charter

We will investigate reports of suspected breaches and, where appropriate, we will start enforcement action to resolve the problem. We would advise, however, that the decision to take any enforcement action is discretionary and the Council may determine that such action is not expedient in the public interest.

The Council published a reviewed icon Planning Enforcement Charter [841Kb] in January 2019. The Charter explains what powers are available to us, as the Planning Authority, to investigate and remedy breaches of planning control and what we can and cannot do. The Charter is, therefore, the Council's policy document for considering planning enforcement action and sets out:

  • The Council's priorities for action;
  • The service standards you can expect from us;
  • How members of the public can bring any breach of planning control to the attention of the Council; and
  • How any complaint about the Council taking enforcement action can be submitted and how it will be dealt with.

Report do I report a breach?

Report a breach online

If you are aware of any suspected unauthorised development or works taking place, you can report it to the enforcement team using our online breach of planning form. Alternatively, you can email your report to PlanningEnforcement@pkc.gov.uk or by telephone on 01738 475300.

When corresponding with us by email please ensure that you add our email address to your email contacts to ensure you receive our subsequent communications.

Contact details

Planning Enforcement

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Tel 01738 475300