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Housing Benefit - Notification letter

Once your claim has been processed, you will receive a decision letter detailing how your claim has been calculated and showing how much benefit, if any, you are entitled to. You will receive a notification letter if your benefit award changes due to a change in your household or financial circumstances.

You will receive a notification letter, usually around mid-March each year.  This letter is to advise you of your benefit entitlement for the forthcoming financial year (subject to any changes in your circumstances).  In most cases, your entitlement to Housing Benefit has changed in line with any increases to your rent and any changes to your income.

You will receive a notification letter should your Housing Benefit end due to a change in your circumstances.  You may also be informed of any Overpayments of Housing Benefit and any changes to the recovery of this.

Further guidance

Within your notification pack, you will find some further guidance with some helpful explanations regarding the terms used within your notification letters. 


Last modified on 07 May 2018

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